Ouarzazate is a small and quiet town in Morocco. The main activities in the city are in the main street called Avenue Muhammed V. If you are talking about Morocco or other Africa countries, then you might think about the desert. Desert is the most suitable place if you want to try to imagine this town. This town is basically the largest town in Moroccan Sahara, the part of Morocco along the Sahara desert. You can start your activities at Mohammed V street. That’s actually a nice place and walks able. You can find a CTM station in this place also. But, if you feel like not wanting to walk, you can get a taxi to do a tour in the Ouarzazate.

Ouarzazate Taxis and Guides

There’s one thing that you need to know about the taxis in this city. You may experience the “transfer taxi” when you currently take a taxi. You’ll find many of the locals who can speak English to accompany you to go on a tour of the city. They are nice people so it’s okay to get them as your guide. But if you already have one or you feel like you didn’t need one, you can politely tell them and they’ll understand. Ouarzazate is a safe town; there are not many bad people. But still, it doesn’t mean that you can freely wander around at night. There’s still a chance to experiencing the crime in a small and quiet place like this.

Anyway, let’s start to talk about visiting Ouarzazate. There are many reasons why you should visit this place and do a tour around this town. The first reason is the fact that you’ll see the magnificent and beautiful sights of the town in the desert. It’s not a common thing to see the desert in our daily life, right? And the desert that we are currently talking about is the Sahara desert. You’ll find the amazing desert with great views from many places in the desert. The second reason is that you can experience the life of people in the desert. You can also find many landscapes owned by Berber villages.

Hollywood Of Africa Ouarzazate City

Many people called Ouarzazate: the Hollywood of Africa. It’s because you can feel the Hollywood feel in the Atlas Studios and also the Tourists Kasbah. The third reason is the oasis. Well, you’ll not find the actual one in the middle of the desert. But instead, you’ll find a waterfall called Ouzond. That is the biggest waterfall in Morocco and the most beautiful one. Isn’t kind of amazing to see a waterfall in the middle of the desert? It’ll be such an amazing view to see the waterfall with a river at the end of the waterfall. It’s such a relaxing place to spend the time while we are doing a touring. Many Moroccans also stop in the waterfall to find the coolness on their way to go to other places. Those are some charms in Ouarzazate that you should know. You need to visit this town when you have a chance to visit Morocco.