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Trip from Fes to the Sahara: Discovering Morocco’s Desert Magic

Fes, with its labyrinthine streets and vibrant souks, is a city that pulses with life. The call to prayer echoes through the air, mingling with the sounds of merchants selling their wares. But as the first rays of sunlight hit the city, we set off on our adventure. There’s a sense of anticipation, a thrill […]

Christmas in Morocco

Christmas in Morocco

On December 25th, Christmas will be upon us, and the festive spirit is already in full swing. Shopping malls are alive with the sounds of classic Christmas tunes, shelves adorned with glittering decorations, and families bustling with holiday preparations. If you’re seeking an alternative to the traditional consumer-driven celebrations or simply craving a change of […]

Morocco fossils and minerals

A brief guide to Morocco fossils and minerals – Morocco fossils

Unlock the secrets of fossils with our guide to Morocco Fossils and Minerals. Discover Morocco Fossils for a journey through geological wonders. Unbeknown to the average traveler the Sahara Desert in eastern Morocco contains vast fossil and mineral deposits. The glint of fossils, carved marble items, and colorful geodes might catch your eyes in the […]