Morocco is a North African country bounded to Mauritania and to Algeria. Morocco’s coastline is both in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean74. The country is just across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Brief History

Morocco is composed of mainly of Berbers and Arabs or the mixture of the two in terms of ethnicity. Considerable numbers of Berbers are living mostly in Morocco’s mountainous regions. These are mostly areas of refuge where they were able to preserve their culture and language. In 1956, Morocco finally acquired their Independence from France and the city of Tangier was also turned over to the country that same year.

Compared to its Arab neighbors, Morocco’s foreign policy is different. The country generally sided with the US and Western European powers during the Cold War whereas most Arab states are pro-Soviet or neutral. The country’s major economic resources include tourism, agriculture, textiles and phosphates. Improving the country’s education system is one of their important developmental challenges.

Tourism and Holidays

Tourism is one of the biggest economic resources of the country. Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa and that’s attributed to the rich culture and tradition of the country as well as the many beautiful places that Morocco has to offer. Tourists in Morocco have plenty of things to do and plenty of places to visit as the country continuously improves its tourism industry.

Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities, Morocco has the perfect places for windsurfing, a well-loved sport not only of tourists but even locals. When it comes to windsurfing, there are two destinations that Morocco is famed of. Essaouira and Agadir provide just the perfect conditions for awesome windsurfing experience. Apart from windsurfing, trekking, camel trekking and skiing are a few of the popular activities in the country.

International Arts Festivals

It is not only a place for outdoor activities but Morocco is also a place for art lovers. Asilah is one of the famed destinations in the country for international art festivals and also, if you like to go shopping. In August, arts festival is held in that place every year where there is a riot of color and music that you are sure to enjoy.


Morocco is a Muslim country and is one of the great places to visit if you want to witness the Ramadan. Ramadan is the country’s biggest event and Muslims will fast in the day time during this time. Things generally slow down during the day with most restaurants closed down expect those that specially cater to tourists. However, when night comes and the people break from fasting you will see many of them praying at the city’s major mosques and shops open again.

Morocco is a popular country to the West and other Easter countries for vacation as well as other things. Many don’t just go to Morocco to enjoy a vacation but also shop because of the vibrant and rich in culture items that you can only find in the country. Morocco is truly one of the most interesting countries you can go to.

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