People who wish to go to the Middle Atlas region of Morocco would drop by to the city of Ifrane. The modern city was established by the French administration during the time of the protectorate era that happened in the region where the city is located.

With more than 73,000 in population, some of the people speak Arabic.  The colonial government during the city’s early years made a hill town a form of settlement for the people. In the present day, this hill town was made to resorts. The Europeans who come to the resort enjoy the accommodations served to them.


The early settlement of the town happened during the 16th century wherein a sheriff made his community across the valley that few kilometers where the present town stood. The early language of the early settlers was defined in English as caves. In the past 50 years, the settlers in the area made houses above the ground.

The caves are still used for taking care of the animals and as an area of storage. With a change of settlement that happened during the time of the French Administration, the lifestyle of the people had changed. The location to other grounds and the making of hotels was a great change in the life of some of the residents as trade and tourist opened up for them.

Today, economic and social growth is still booming at Ifrane. The large-scale trade has captured the hearts of people, traders and traders from the outside regions.

Things to do at Ifrane  

Aside from the celebrations and festivals being held in the place, you have a great time touring attractive sites in the area. You could have a great opportunity in hiking, traveling and bike riding with your family and friends.

Aside from touring and sightseeing, you could have a great time shopping in the shops located in the city. You also dine for an early breakfast or lunch in the affordable snack bars and restaurants in the area. The whole family has a great time doing most of the fun activities the city has to offer.

Places to Visit

One of the exciting things about Ifrane is the sites and attractions it has. You would surely enjoy the sight of Lake Dait Aoua, or the dazzling waters of Parc La Prairie. If you love to dine in, you would enjoy the foods served in the restaurants found within the city.

You could have a great dine-in at Le Charmonix, Café de Paix or Hotel Restaurant Imperial Peace La Paix. The foods would surely fill up your appetite and would give you the ultimate food trip you would enjoy.

In addition, you should not miss out on the fun in the parks and amusement parks in the area.  A tourist could also enjoy a great time going to the beaches or strolling down own the mountains. The city of Ifrane is one of the perfect destinations for you in your family outing and vacation. Rest assured, you would have a great time.

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