Is alcohol illegal in Marrakech? Marrakech is a famous tourist city in Morocco and one of the imperial cities. It is home to luxurious accommodations and beautiful gardens. So, do you think drinking alcohol is illegal in such a city? Well, it’s not! However, there are some restrictions when it comes to where you can buy or consume alcohol. Alcohol consumption is legal in Marrakech, but there are some restrictions on where you can purchase it. Only licensed places are allowed to sell and serve alcohol in Morocco.

You Can Buy Beer at Supermarkets

You can buy your favorite beer in Morocco without any problems in supermarkets such as Asima, Carrefour, and Marjane supermarkets. There are no laws against buying beer at supermarkets in Morocco. However, it is illegal to sell alcohol to people who are under 18 years old.

You Can Drink Wine at Restaurants

It is true that you are not allowed to drink alcohol in all restaurants in Morocco. However, you can order wine with meals in some restaurants that have licenses and are allowed to serve alcohol. Some restaurants allow you to bring your own alcoholic drink, which you can get from the supermarket.  However, you must be over 18 years of age to receive a glass of wine at these establishments. The most famous district for licensed restaurants and bars is Gueliz, which offers a much wider variety of chic bars and European restaurants.

You Can Drink Alcohol at Nightclubs

Marrakech has some of the best clubs in Morocco. In general, clubs are expensive in the country because of taxes. One of the most famous in the city is the 555 Famous Club, which is open until 5 am and is a popular spot for hosting international singers and DJs. If you’re underage, you won’t be allowed into any bars or nightclubs and you may also be required to show proof of identification that you are 18 years of age or older.

So the answer to the question Is alcohol illegal in Marrakech? No, you can drink alcohol without any problems, but it is better to buy enough during the day at the supermarket or a special alcohol store.

Drinking alcohol in Marrakech is legal and can be bought in many places that are licensed to sell and serve it. In Marrakech, you will also find many specialized shops that only sell alcoholic drinks and they are open until 8 pm.

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