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Zwina in Moroccan Arabic

Moroccan Darija

Zwina in Moroccan Arabic

“Zwina” is one of the most used words in Morocco to describe something nice, cute, beautiful, and good. It is used for feminine nouns, the masculine form is “zwin”.

Just like how we have words to describe something as beautiful or nice in English, in Moroccan Darija Arabic/Berber, we use the word “zwina”. It is a versatile word that can describe anything pleasing to the eye or heart. Whether you are talking about a person, an object, a story, or an experience, “zwina” fits perfectly into the conversation. It is written in Arabic as “زوينة”.

Using “Zwina” in Different Contexts

  1. Describing People: When you want to compliment someone’s appearance, you can say “Had lbnt zwina” (هاد البنت زوينة), which means “This girl is beautiful.” It’s a straightforward and common way to express admiration.
  2. Describing Objects: If you come across a beautiful item, such as a piece of jewelry or a work of art, you might say “Hadi zwina” (هذه زوينة), meaning “This is beautiful.” Here’s another example: to express admiration for a beautiful song in Moroccan Darija, you simply say “Zwina had alghnia” (زوينة هاد الأغنية), which means “This song is beautiful!” It’s a lovely way to appreciate music in the local dialect.
  3. Describing Experiences or Feelings: When you have a delightful experience or a good feeling about something, you can describe it as “zwina.” For example, “Had Lḥal zwina bzzaf” (هاد الحال زوينة بزاف) translates to “This situation is very nice.”

Gender Variations

While “zwina” is used for feminine nouns, the masculine form is “zwin” (زوين). Here is how you would use it:

  • Feminine: “Had lbnt zwina”  (هذه البنت زوينة) means “This girl is beautiful”.
  • Masculine: “Had lweld zwin” (هاد الولد زوين) means “This boy is handsome”.

Everyday Use

In daily life, you’ll hear “zwina” often. Here are a few scenarios:

  • In Markets: Asking a vendor for a good deal or a discount: “Dir lina shi taman zwin” (دير لينا شي ثمن زوين) which means “Give us a great price / offer us the best deal.”
  • In Social Settings: Praising someone’s home: “Darek zwina” (دارك زوينة), meaning “Your house is beautiful.”
  • With Friends: Complimenting an outfit: “Lbsa zwina” (لبسة زوينة), meaning “Nice outfit.”

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