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How Do You Say Thank You in Morocco

Moroccan Darija

How Do You Say Thank You in Morocco

In Morocco, showing appreciation is a big part of how people connect. When you want to say “thank you,” there are a few ways to do it in Moroccan culture.

“Shukran” is the go-to phrase in Arabic. It’s like a universal “thank you” that works not only in Morocco but in many other Arabic-speaking places too.

In the southern parts of Morocco, especially among the Amazigh communities, you might hear “Tanmirt” in Tamazight. It’s their way of saying thanks and is pretty common there.

Then there’s “Barak Allah fik,” which is more than just a thank-you. It’s like a wish for blessings to the person you’re thanking. It’s a warm and appreciative way to show gratitude.

So, whether you’re in the north, south, or just about anywhere in Morocco, these phrases will help you express your thanks and make those connections even stronger!

Greetings in Moroccan Darija (Moroccan Arabic/Berber)

Here Is a heads-up on some cool words and phrases you’ll catch a lot while exploring Morocco. These are the everyday lingo, the Moroccan Darija, that you’ll hear people using.