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Good night in Moroccan Arabic

Moroccan Darija

Good night in Moroccan Arabic

In Moroccan Darija you can say “Tsbah ala khir” to mean “good night”. This is used to wish good night to a man. In Arabic, this is written as “تصبح على خير”.

For a woman, you can say: “Tusbahina Ala Khair” = “تصبحين على خير” or “Lilatooki Saida” = “ليلتكِ سعيدة”.  If it’s your loved one, you can be a little more loving by saying: “Tusbahina Ala Khair a zina dyali = Sleep tight, my beautiful.” It adds some affection and warmth to the wish for a loved one to have a wonderful sleep.

Greetings in Moroccan Darija (Moroccan Arabic/Berber)

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