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Things are going very well in Moroccan Arabic

Moroccan Darija

Things are going very well in Moroccan Arabic

“I’m doing very well” in Moroccan Arabic can be expressed as “Kulshi Bikhir” or “Kulshi Mezian”. These expressions indicate that everything is going very well. So the word “Kulshi” means “everything” in English. It is common to hear these variants when people ask about someone’s well-being in Morocco.

For many Muslims, the usual and short answer to the question “all is well” is simply “Alhamdulillah”, which means “praise be to God”.

Greetings in Moroccan Darija (Moroccan Arabic/Berber)

Exploring a new language is always fun! Here are some fun Moroccan words and phrases that you will hear often during your stay in Morocco. These linguistic gems are written in the Moroccan dialect, also known as Moroccan Darija.