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Welcome to Moroccan Arabic

Moroccan Darija

Welcome to Moroccan Arabic

In Moroccan you can say “Marhaba” to mean “welcome”. It is often used to express hospitality. In Arabic script it is written as follows: “مرحبا”.

You can welcome a woman by simply saying: “Marhaba biki” and for a man: “Marhaba bik” (the ‘i’ at the end is not written or pronounced for a man). For plural it is “Marhaba Bikoum”. For example, “Marhaba Bikoum andna” means ‘welcome to us’.

Greetings in Moroccan Darija (Moroccan Arabic/Berber)

Discover a collection of useful Moroccan words that will come in handy during your stay. These words are rendered in the unique Moroccan dialect known as Moroccan Darija.

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