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Moroccan Darija

Moroccan Darija

Moroccan Darija

Moroccan Darija, also known as the Moroccan language, is a lively language that forms an engaging mix of Arabic, Berber, French, and even some Spanish words. It’s the informal and everyday language spoken by many Moroccans, infused with local expressions that reflect the diversity of Moroccan culture. This language is colorful and imbued with unique nuances, making understanding some basic expressions in Moroccan Darija even more captivating and authentic during your travel experience in Morocco. Speaking a few common phrases opens doors to warm interactions with the local people and strengthens the connection with Morocco’s rich cultural background.

Greetings in Moroccan Darija (Moroccan Arabic/Berber)

Below, you’ll find a list of some common words and expressions that you’ll often hear during your travels to Morocco. These words are written in the Moroccan dialect, also known as Moroccan Darija.

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