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Luna asked 1 month ago


Im reaching out to inquire about your 3-day Sahara Desert Trip from Marrakech, or the 3-day Desert Tour from Marrakech to Erg Chegaga, tailored for a group of 4. Our stay in Marrakesh is scheduled from December 23rd, and we are keen on exploring the desert starting from December 25th. Accommodations in Marrakech are yet to be finalized. Additionally, we are open to extending our desert adventure to 4 days, as you suggested.

Looking forward to your prompt response. Please feel free to reach out for any further details.

Best regards,

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khalid Staff answered 1 month ago

3-Day Sahara Desert Trip from Marrakech for 4 People

Hi Luna,

Thank you for reaching out!

Considering your interest in our 3-day Sahara Desert Trip from Marrakech, I'd recommend opting for the 4-day tour. This choice ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable experience as the last day of the 3-day trip involves extensive driving. We have availability starting from December 25th, coinciding with your stay in Marrakesh. We can also accommodate your preference for a 4-day tour. Let's discuss the details further. Could you share your specific requirements or any questions you may have?

Looking forward to your response!

Best regards,

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