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Icho Ouarzazate asked 2 years ago

If you are wondering which is better Zagora or Merzouga? then you are asking the wrong question! each location has its charm. But if you want to see the high sand dunes in the desert from Marrakech, you need at least 3 days. The reason why some tour operators offer the 2-day Zagora desert tour is because of the distance, a trip to Merzouga or Erg Chebbi requires a minimum of 3 days​.

If you happen to travel to the desert, don't miss the chance to try camel riding and overnight camping in the middle of the desert. You can also try other activities such as quad biking and sandboarding, and visit the Gnawa band in Khamlia.

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khalid Staff answered 2 years ago

Which is better Zagora or Merzouga?

If you are planning to visit the desert from Marrakech, there are several options available, and it can be quite confusing to say which one is the best choice.

The Zagora desert is about 6 hour's drive from Marrakech and the highlights of the trip are a visit to the kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, cinema studios, a visit to the Draa valley, and spending the night in a desert camp. To fully enjoy the trip to the desert, it is better to do it in 3 days or more because it is a long drive.

Personally, I think a trip to Merzouga through the Dades Valley offers more different scenery than the 2-day trip to Zagora.

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Kerri answered 2 years ago

Which is better Zagora or Merzouga?

The two regions are all the beautiful, famous, and different deserts in Morocco.

The desert of Merzouga is very beautiful and worth the long drive from Marrakech, especially if you have never been to a desert in your life. I would advise avoiding the summer months as it gets very hot but if you do go book accommodation with a pool.

The desert of Zagora is a dry stone desert, so don't expect very high sand dunes. If you want to see the beautiful high sand dunes, you should continue to Erg Chigaga, which is more beautiful.

icho answered 2 years ago

Which is better Zagora or Merzouga?

The Sahara desert in Zagora is less visited by tourists than those of Merzouga because they are not as high. The nearby beautiful sand dunes of Erg Chigaga are difficult to access. To travel to Erg Chigaga dunes a 4x4 is needed, while in Merzouga you can visit the dunes with a simple car or bus.

Said. answered 2 years ago

Which is better Zagora or Merzouga?

The landscape of Merzouga and Zagora is different. The Zagora Desert is a dry stone desert, so it doesn't offer the high and wide sand dunes like in Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga, but the scenery, mountain views, and experience are still impressive and well worth a visit.

swalond answered 2 years ago

Which is better Zagora or Merzouga?

Tourists visit the Sahara desert in Zagora less than in Merzouga because of its accessibility. The largest dunes near Zagora are not far from the town of M\'Hamid. The town of M\'Hamid is located about 460 kilometers from Marrakech via the High Atlas Mountains. The two places that offer beautiful sand dunes with great views are the Lehoudi Dunes which are about 8 kilometers from the town of M\'Hamid and the Erg Chigaga Dunes which are about 50 kilometers away.

Milon answered 2 years ago

Merzouga vs Zagora for the Sahara desert trip

The Sahara Desert is an ideal vacation destination for those who want to try something new, especially if they have never been to the desert. Zagora and Merzouga offer unique experiences and beautiful landscapes. Choosing the right destination can be a bit confusing. So let's take a look at the best way to determine the best destination for a trip through the Sahara.

Merzouga or Zagora? Both are wonderful destinations with something for everyone.

Oasis in the desert

Zagora is a great place for those who want to explore the desert on a very short two day trip, with plenty of greenery and palm trees providing shade. If you only have a few days to spare on a desert trip, the Zagora Desert would be a good choice, but don't expect sand dunes as wide as those in Erg Chebbi and Erg Chagaga.

On the contrary, Merzouga offers the most pristine view of the Sahara - it is home to the largest sand dunes in Morocco! For more desert experience, Erg Chegaga is the way to go - it's more wild desert.

hakim answered 2 years ago

Zagora vs Merzouga

The desert of Zagora is less visited by travelers than Merzouga due to its sand dunes which are less spectacular than those of Merzouga and Erg Chegaga.

Lover answered 2 years ago

Merzouga vs Zagora for the Sahara desert trip in Morocco?

**Which is better?**

The quick answer is Merzouga if you have the time. The most famous desert of Morocco is Erg Chebbi, located next to the desert oasis city of Merzouga and near the Algerian border. The Erg Chebbi sand dunes rise in places to 150 meters and stretch over a desert area of 28 kilometers. Merzouga is located on the edge of a wonderful landscape of endless desert dunes and is easily accessible by any type of vehicle.

Asif answered 2 years ago

Merzouga vs Zagora

The desert of Zagora is rocky with a few sand dunes about 6 hours away from Marrakech, while Merzouga is approximately 9 hours away. The Sahara desert in Zagora province is less popular with tourists than Merzouga.If you choose the province of Zagora then you should travel to Erg Chegaga. Erg Chigaga is known for its beautiful sand dunes and is located about 45 km from the Berber desert town of M'hamid. The sand dunes of Erg Chigaga are ideal for sandboarding, camel riding, and 4x4 racing.

Irena answered 5 months ago

We are a family of 5, arriving late in Marrakech on July 18th and leaving July 22nd. Would like to make the most out of our time and are interested to do a trip to Merzouga but would love to incorporate a hike on the way back in Toubkal park or Ouzoud falls or different area because we love outdoors and hiking and would love to experience the mountains a little bit. Is it his doable? Last day we’d like to do a Marrakech half day visit before our flight, which is at 17:30. Let me know your suggestions and cost. Thank you!


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