Travel Tips to Remember when Visiting Morocco

Morocco Travel Tips

Everyone dreams to visit a country where they can enjoy diversity. From relaxation down to adventure, everyone wants to experience these in just one country. If there is one country where almost all individuals would like to visit, it is Morocco. Morocco is a Muslim country located in the North Africa that borders the Mediterranean […]



Zagora is a small city in the Draa River valley in southeastern Morocco, located about 162,7 km east of Ouarzazate on the road N9. The city is well known for its sign that points out that Timbuktu is 52 days away by camel. Once Zagora was a trade camel caravans road to Mali. The wide avenue Mohammed V […]

Google Flights

How to Use Google Flights?

Very often people look for travel agents to get an optimal flight at an affordable price. Google has made it quite easy and accessible for everyone to choose and avail flights that suit them best. Now you can decide which flight is best for you based on various options such as your budget, dates of […]