what to wear in marrakech

5 Kinds Of Clothing That Are Appropriate For Westerners To Wear In Marrakech

More and more people have put Morocco on their list of must-see places in the world. And, for many good reasons. It’s an exotic country with beaches, oceans, mountains, deserts, and forests. There are ancient ruins of all types, bathhouses known as hammams to enjoy, shops, delicious cuisines and so much more. A visit to […]

How to Travel in Morocco Alone

How to Travel in Morocco Alone – Travelling in Morocco as a woman

For many, traveling solo through Morocco is the best way to see this beautiful and diverse country. It allows you the freedom to choose your own destinations and really learn the culture since you only have locals and other world travelers with whom to interact. Like any place in the world, traveling to Morocco on […]

Marrakech to the Sahara Desert tours

Marrakech to the Sahara Desert: Things to Know Before You Go

Rolling sand dunes, picturesque sunsets, and dazzling night skies are just some of the unforgettable things you can see on your Sahara desert tour. While the Sahara stretches across most of the North African continent, the infamous sand dune camelback trips are located in Merzouga and should be added to your itinerary when you visit […]