Finding your Morrocan travel style. group or solo travel?

Finding your Moroccan travel style, what’s best: group or solo travel?

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 10th November 2018. The travel style of all tourists can be accommodated in Morocco – from luxury hotels and riads with fine dining and entertainment in the bigger cities like Marrakech to living the surfer lifestyle in Essaouira and the other quaint seaside towns, or backpacking through the mountains and […]

Outdoor Gear for Your Moroccan Adventure

Outdoor Gear You May Need on Your Moroccan Adventure

Your flight is booked, your itinerary filled, and now, just one thing left to do. And that is pack. When preparing for your Moroccan adventure, preparing for the season is, but you must also follow the local culture and adhere to what is appropriate. What to Wear? This can be an easier task for men […]

Great Wall Of China

Interesting Chinese Cultural Facts and Traditions to Know Before You Go

Mainland China is a country rich with tradition. Understanding it before you arrive will make for a smoother trip, plus it will help you to better relate to the billions and billions of people that call it home. Here are some quick cultural facts and traditions to keep in mind when traveling through China. Older […]