If you ask me which African country is filled with an incredible diversity of landscapes and unparalleled cultural attractions, Morocco is the only one that fits into all those impressive categories.
This North African country has so many things to offer to every visitor and it is home to an array of fascinating tourist destinations. Merzouga has become a very popular tourist destination in Morocco. This place is a magical and charming destination filled with mystery and magnetism. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructures built by the government, reaching this place has never been this easy. Many people consider Merzouga as the jewel of the Sahara, thus make sure you don’t miss this fascinating destination during your vacation so you can get a personal taste of the magical experience.

More Information About Merzouga

Reaching Merzouga is very easy these days. This small southeastern Moroccan village is only 35 kilometers away from Rissani. It is about 20 kilometers of distance from the Algerian border. Reaching this village from Erfoud might take more time since you have to cover about 45 kilometers of distance. Sadly, this magical village had to experience devastating flash floods in 2006. Not only that the disaster had claimed some lives, but it also left about 1,200 people homeless. This village has successfully recovered itself and has reclaimed a good position in the tourism industry of this country. Today, Merzouga has turned out to be a great Moroccan tourist destination that attracts innumerable tourists every year.

Merzouga has many things to offer to all visitors. Not only is this village very famous for its Erg Chebbi sand dunes, but Merzouga is also known as the largest natural underground body of water in the country. This village is a great home for a number of different ethnic groups. You will not only find Berber people in this village as some of them are also Arabs. All the local people in this village are very friendly to whoever comes visiting. Every visitor to Merzouga will easily feel very welcome. Perhaps that is why many visitors spend days in the area.

There are so many things you can do to make your visit to this village more memorable. Visiting this Sahara desert in Morocco on a one-day trip would be insufficient to explore all the fascinating places. One of the most exciting ways to enjoy your Merzouga visit is to try the camel trips before the sunset. This exciting leisure activity is available in the nearby sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Many travelers find it very amusing to hire a 4×4 vehicle and take it around the dunes. Camping and sand skiing in Merzouga can be very enjoyable as well. The local people of this village are also a great attraction to many international tourists. The foreign visitors love to see how the Berber lives their daily life. Some travelers also have a great time with the villagers as they dine and drink mint tea together. They feel more like a guest rather than a tourist. Such a valuable experience is hard to find elsewhere.