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Activities in Western Australia

Things to Do

Pinkie's Bay Rottnest Island Western

Surfing and Fishing in Western Australia

As the largest and the most prominent area in Australia, Western Australia has many tourism spots that have become one of the biggest income for the government and local people there. The most prominent tourism spot there certainly is its beaches. Continue reading

Western Australia

Whale Watching in Western Australia

Western Australia is a popular tourist destination in Australia. Considered as one of the largest states in the world, it offers many spectacular attractions that draw many visitors not only local but also those from around the world to come. Among many attractions that are offered there, Continue reading


Visiting Pink Lake in Western Australia

The world, as you know it, is home to a plethora of exciting place for travelers. If you think you have visited most of the exciting tourist destinations in the world, you might need to think again.  Continue reading


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