The world, as you know it, is home to a plethora of exciting place for travelers. If you think you have visited most of the exciting tourist destinations in the world, you might need to think again.  There are many other fascinating yet little known tourist sites on this planet that are waiting for your discovery. Some of them could be a great place for an extraordinary vacation. Let us take the pink lake in Western Australia. The popularity of this lake is surely nowhere near Sydney Opera House or Melbourne city, that what makes this place a hidden treasure of Western Australia.

A Quick History of The Pink Lake

Thanks to an explorer named Matthew Flinders and his journals, the pink lake in Middle Island, Western Australia has gained more popularity. The explorer made his journey in 1802 as he climbed the highest peak in the Middle Island area, later known as the Flinders Peak. His initial purpose was to survey the surrounding waters and he finally noticed a totally different view of a lake later known as the Lake Hillier. Middle Island itself is known as the largest island in the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. Since the Lake Hillier and Middle Island are situated in a pristine wilderness, it would be very hard for us to get the best view of the pink lake from the land. You can treat your eyes with the amazing view of the lake from the air. Once you are above the location of the Lake Hillier, you will not believe your own eyes as you see a solid bubble gum pink below. If you have more interest in exploring the beauty of the island and its wildlife, then taking on a cruise from Esperance would be the best option.

More About The Pink Lake

Once you arrive at the location of the Lake Hiller, you must think that someone has tipped in an enormous amount of pink dye to make the lake pink. In fact, the color of the lake is mostly associated with a natural phenomenon. It is strongly believed that the pink color comes from the high concentration of algae in that lake. While many a number of scientists relate the pink color of the water to the bacteria in the salt crusts. The unique view of the lake has drawn plenty of visitors from many different countries on the planet each year. Thus, the increasing Lake Hillier tourism has become very beneficial to the local people surrounding the region.

With 600 meters of length, the pink lake is situated in the middle of the a rim of sand and eucalyptus trees and dense of woodland of paperbark. This interesting and pink tourist site is separated from the blue Southern Ocean by a narrow strip of sand dunes well covered with green vegetation.

There are plenty of leisure activities that you can do to make the most of your pink lake visit. Being located near Esperance, visiting the pink lake has made it very possible for you to enjoy kayaking.