As the largest and the most prominent area in Australia, Western Australia has many tourism spots that have become one of the biggest income for the government and local people there. The most prominent tourism spot there certainly is its beaches. Many tourists from around the world usually come to see and do several things there. The most favorite activities to do in Western Australia beaches are surfing and fishing. It is because Western Australia’ beaches offer great wave, beautiful sand and of course scenic view that cannot be found anywhere else. Besides, there are many unique and even rare animal and plant species that can be found there.

Surfing in Western Australia

Australia’s west coast is certainly a perfect place for those who want to feel real surfing adventure. The beaches here not only offer beauty from the scenery but also challenge from the wave, wind and also coral reef. Many surfers both pro and beginner surfers from around the world visit the beaches to test and show their surfing skills. There are actually hundreds surfing spots that can be visited by tourist in Western Australia. However, some of them are considered as the most popular spots regarding the facilities offered and the numbers of visitors come every year.

Margaret River is one of the most famous beaches for surfing in Western Australia. This beach is known for its big wave which can offer more than 40 reef breaks and beach breaks. Some area which are usually visited by most tourist including Yallingup, North Point in Gracetown, The Box, Smiths Beach and the Three Bears, Castle Rock, Meelup and Point Picquet, The Farm and also Boneyards. There are some public facilities, such as surfing store, restaurant, resort, etc that are available for the tourists. Besides, every year the annual Margaret River pro contest is hosted here. Many great and pro surfers from other countries gather and show their best skills. The other famous surfing spots in Western Australia are Ningaloo Reef, Esperance, Lancelin, Rottnest Island, etc.

Fishing in Western Australia

Beaches in Western Australia are also the best place for fishing. Some of the world’s most prominent deep sea can be found there. The fresh and clean water also make them best spots for fishing adventure. They are also the home of many sea and beach species which provide amazing and fun challenge for most visitors there. Many fish species such as Australian salmon, queen fish, samson fish etc can be caught by fishing in the beaches. The best spots for beach fishing there are Kalbarri, Perth coast, Rottnest Island, Green Head, Coral Bay, Shark Bay, Exmouth and Leeman. If you want to fish the barramundi, one of the most popular fishes in the world in the clean and calm waters, you probably want to go to the Fitzroy, Lake Kununurra and Ord rivers. For crabbing season, you can go to Mandurah beach where blue manna crabs live. The best spot to get bigger catch is Cape Leveque in the north of Broome. Local people there will share their secret in catching the crabs to visitors.

The important thing is that all the visitors should fish carefully and safely. Visitors there are suggested to wear lifejackets in order to avoid some risky accidents. In addition, public faculties and lifeguards are also available.

Picture: Marc Russo. Source: Flickr