Western Australia is a popular tourist destination in Australia. Considered as one of the largest states in the world, it offers many spectacular attractions that draw many visitors not only local but also those from around the world to come. Among many attractions that are offered there,  whale watching is surely the most exciting one. Visitors are able to see groups of whales travelling along the east coast of Australia during whale migration seasons. This amazing view can be enjoyed in some places in Western Australia. Watching the activities of these giant animals from a great distance is such a rare experience that should be listed in your holiday plan.

Whale Migration Seasons

The best time to go whale watching is during the migration seasons. The seasons start from May until November or early December. In these seasons, whales from Antarctica travel along the seas during southern winter to Australian seas searching for warmer waters. The whales usually go there for breeding and go back to the south in the spring season. This special occasion has been a routine sight for years and became one of the most interesting tourist activities in Western Australia.

Best Whale Watching Spots and Time

There are some places that will always be crowded with visitors during whale migration seasons. Flinders Bay is the best place for visitors to see some whales resting and playing from May to September. This view can also be enjoyed from King George Sound in July to October. In June until November, visitors can go to some places in the north like Coral Bay, Kalbarri, Broome, etc where some whales, especially the humpback whales finally arrive from their journey. In addition, groups of whales which are ready to come back to their home also can be seen in the Geographe Bay and some beaches or coast in Perth in September to November or early December.

Vantage points are provided in some places to see and observe the activities of the whales. The towers usually have facilities that can be accessed easily for the visitors. Besides, there are also whale watching trips that are offered for the tourists. Tourists can enjoy whale watching cruises in some different routes. The visitors are suggested to enjoy the whale watching in mid day because it is the best time to capture the wonderful scenery.

What to Prepare for Whale Watching

When you decide to choose whale watching as one of the activities in your holiday plan, you should prepare several things in order to get best experience. The most essential thing is probably binoculars which can help you in observing the whales’ activities from a great distance. You may also bring some clothes that suit with the weather there. Besides, other things such as umbrella and glasses may also be needed.

Whale watching in Western Australia can be enjoyed in a long period of time. For this reason, many visitors from around the world may want to see this incredible occasion for several times. There are some hotels and resorts near the whale watching spots that can be booked by the visitors. The reservation come with affordable prices and can be made via online.

Picture: D. Joshua Brunner. Source: Flickr