argan oil

Argan oil: Morocco’s liquid gold

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 25th November 2018. It has been said that “Argan oil is to Morocco what olive oil is to Italy”. For centuries Berber women have used argan oil for beautifying, medicinal and culinary properties. In recent years this secret liquid gold has gained popularity worldwide and today is widely available as […]

night in desert what expect at sahara desert camp

A night in the desert – what to expect at a Sahara Desert camp

Perch atop a dune to watch a beautiful sunset over the red sands of the desert. Indulge in a delicious spice fragranced dinner with new found friends. Drum yourself into a trance-like state with the nomads, while gazing at the star-filled sky. Wake up early to catch the sun’s rays peeking over the dunes, welcoming […]

Planning your Moroccan getaway

Planning your Moroccan getaway: Itinerary, Accommodation and Activities

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 14th November 2018. Need some inspiration for planning your magical Moroccan holiday? This post provides an overview of itineraries, activities, accommodation options, travel and safety in this North African country. Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Ibn Battuta. Designing Your Amazing Itinerary Planning a foolproof holiday […]