15 Reasons why Morocco is a great honeymoon destination

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 28th December 2018. Do you know that 40% of married couples that do not honeymoon, get divorced! Don’t allow such bad omens to ruin the start of your beautiful union… Rather celebrate this new phase in your lives with an adventure filled holiday in exotic, enticing Morocco. Picture sipping refreshing mint […]

Christmas in Morocco

Christmas in Morocco

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 28th November 2018. In just under a month’s time a good majority of the world will celebrate the Christmas holidays. For weeks already the shopping malls have been blasting Boney M and Mariah Carey’s Christmas hits with every nook and cranny shoved full of shiny tinsel and flickering Christmas lights. […]

argan oil

Argan oil: Morocco’s liquid gold

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 25th November 2018. It has been said that “Argan oil is to Morocco what olive oil is to Italy”. For centuries Berber women have used argan oil for beautifying, medicinal and culinary properties. In recent years this secret liquid gold has gained popularity worldwide and today is widely available as […]