ultimate list of Moroccan souvenirs

Shopping in Morocco: Sex and the City style

Fans of the popular sitcom ‘Sex and The City’ might know that the Abu Dhabi scenes in the second movie were actually shot in Marrakech, Morocco. It seems appropriate to quote the original queen of shopping and fashion when discussing the best souvenirs to purchase while enjoying your vacation in Morocco. We provide an extensive […]


Is Bonn worth visiting? – City in Germany

In case you are thinking about whether Bonn is worth a visit, yes. In fact, I recommend a three-day trip to this amazing city. In this post, I will talk about the point of interest in this city that fascinates me. Bonn is a German city that lays close to the country’s western boundary with […]

The spices of Morocco Moroccan Spices

The spices of Morocco – Moroccan Spices

Coming from an Asian background, initially when I hear the word spice I immediately think of heat or chillies. I think this is pretty much across the board with Asians when we think of the word ‘spice’. Moroccan herbs and spices although have a lot of similarities or even the same spices that also originate […]