Is the Sahara Desert worth visiting? – Desert Morocco Adventure Tours

The desert isn’t just a giant sandy ocean in a vast expanse, it certainly isn’t. But it is also green oases, stone slabs, polished, also with high mountain massifs, whose lofty peaks sparkle with color. Dunes cover only part of the total surface. See the beauty, the salt-laden camel caravans slowly drift away, far into […]

Is Morocco friendly to tourists?

Is Morocco Friendly to Tourists?

If you are wondering whether Morocco is friendly to tourists? You can find the answer below: Quick Answer: Yes, Morocco is friendly to tourists! It is a safe country and is well known for its hospitality. Morocco has welcomed 14.5 million tourists from all over the globe in 2023. With numbers like these, it’s no […]

Morocco fossils and minerals

A brief guide to Morocco fossils and minerals – Morocco fossils

Unlock the secrets of fossils with our guide to Morocco Fossils and Minerals. Discover Morocco Fossils for a journey through geological wonders. Unbeknown to the average traveler the Sahara Desert in eastern Morocco contains vast fossil and mineral deposits. The glint of fossils, carved marble items, and colorful geodes might catch your eyes in the […]