Tafraout is a small tourist town in the traditional architectural style of the region. Tafraout is located in the province of Tiznit in the Souss-Massa region, about 166 km from Agadir via Ait Baha and 100 km east of Tiznit. 

From Agadir, you must actually visit Tafraout. This village lies in the middle of the peculiar, beautiful valley of the Anti Atlas. The character of this region is difficult to put into words. There is a friendly village in the cauldron of pink granite and huge chaos of shards and boulders. The houses and the kasbahs are ocher-colored and decorated with white battlements. 

The village lies at an altitude of 1200 m in the middle of a beautiful valley and is surrounded by pink granite mountains, whose color changes from ocher to pink to dark red during the sunset. During the spring all almond trees in the valley are covered with white and pink blossoms. This phantasmagoric effect is still provided by other trees and cultures such as olive trees, orange and lemon trees, figs, barley, corn, and vegetables.

Trips from Agadir lead through mountain passes to the valley of Ameln or the valley of almonds, with its charming villages with Tafraout as its main place. The best time to visit this village is in February when the almond trees are in bloom. Tafraoute itself is next to a palm grove with surrealistic granite columns above it and in the distance the Anti Atlas. Tafraoute can best be described as an amazing old Berber village. Thousands of tourists from all over the world arrive annually to visit this traditional Berber village and enjoy walks in the fresh air. In addition to agriculture, tourism makes a significant contribution to the economy of the local population.

What is in Tafraout?

Once all oases were formed by a tuft of vegetation that spontaneously grew up. They lie like string beads in dry desert valleys or surrounded by bare mountains, where underground water comes close to the surface. All oases owe their existence to the presence of water sources. Whether it is collected underground or on the surface, or in the valley of the mountains, it is essential. It is remarkable that the residents still follow their old habits and consciously refused to have their oasis taken over by the modern world. Tafraoute is known for its herbs and with the good reputation of sagacious traders, they ensure that these are spread throughout the country. Tafraout is also known for the production of traditional babouche slippers with round toes, and yellow or embroidered leather.

The painted rocks are located 3 km north of the village. These smooth rocks were painted in 1984 by the Belgian artist Jean Verame. Although the colors red, purple, and blue are faded, the effect is still surreal. Further, at 4 km north, you will find the fertile Ameln Valley, with orchards of olive and almond trees. There are 26 Berber villages spread over the slopes. The highest village Taghdicht (2359 m) is the starting point for climbing Jebel Lekst. You can also admire one of the oldest rock carvings. The prehistoric rock drawing of the gazelle is only 2 km from Tafraoute and can easily be reached on foot or by bike.