If you are the one who really loves travelling, then you should visit the old city, Fez in Morocco. Maybe you have known many places with an incredible thing, but this old city is going to give you something unforgettable. As you know that Morocco is  a Muslim country in Africa and this country is really unique. The thing that makes this country unique because it is influenced by three different cultures among Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Since there are many cultures in Morocco, then you will find many incredible places to go especially this old city.

By the way, Fez is also called Old Medina and it has many things you cannot forget because this city is really beautiful. Just like the name, Old Medina has many old buildings which have many stories. If you are interested to know about the history of this city, then you can walk around the city. The things that you always see when you are in Old Medina are geometrical street, old buildings, and tasty foods. Since it is an old city, the city is surrounded by wonderful old buildings.

Many houses in Old Medina is still using old building design and it makes the city looks awesome. Since Morocco is in Africa, the place is really strategic for backpackers from Europe and Asia. There are many tourists that come to walk around the street in Fez. The advantage that you get if you choose Old Medina as your destination is low cost. Instead of going to countries in Europe, visiting the oldest city of Morocco can be the best option you should consider because it is totally affordable. Besides, the people are really friendly so that you will be comfortable while walking around.

When you are in Old Medina, there are a lot of transportations you can use such as train, bus, and car. The transportation is really cheap so that it is suitable for your budget as a backpacker. Anyway, Fez as the oldest city in Morocco is the most popular destination from many tourists who come to Morocco. As the oldest city, you can get many antique things from accessories to handcraft. Do not worry about the price because it is suitable for your budget. Definitely, the accessories can be the best souvenir from Morocco, especially for your family and friends.

The thing that makes many tourists comes to Fez because this city still keeps the old culture. When you walk around the city, you can find many donkeys bring many things on their back. The atmosphere around the city is still natural and it takes you back to 100 years ago. The city is decorated with geometrical look and old buildings stand brawny everywhere. In addition, Old Medina also has delicious food that you can try made of the Morocco traditional ingredient called Kumin. So, if you are interested in this old city, let’s spend your holiday in Fez and find many incredible things.