Most of you must have been very familiar with the city of Casablanca in Morocco yet only a few of you recognize this city as Anfa. Back then, before this city is known as Casablanca, it was called Anfa. It was the French architect named Henri Post who was responsible for designing the new town of Casablanca. This excellent place is a melting pot of French heritage, Spanish culture, and Arab customs. The fact that this place is filled with multi-ethnic tourist attractions has pulled lots of tourists from western, African, and Asian countries. Not only that you shall be provided with grand royal architectures, fabulous sights and unique tourist attractions, the city of Casablanca is also well known for its beautiful beaches. Thus, do not be too surprised to be offered many Casablanca beach tours at your Casablanca hotels.

Before you leave your home to visit Casablanca for their exciting beaches, make sure that you know the best time to enjoy the chill of the Casablanca coastline. It is highly recommended that you book the flight to Casablanca in springtime. It is the perfect moment for you to have fun with the cool and blue ocean in Casablanca. In order to make it a lot easier and present you with a comfortable vacation, it would be best if you choose to stay at the hotels near the Casablanca coastline. It might cost you plenty of money, but the easy access to the beautiful and relaxing beaches is simply priceless.

Once you find the perfect hotel for your stay, you can start your cool and breezy Casablanca tour by visiting the Ain Diab beach. This chief beach in the city has become a very popular destination in the world that welcomes countless international tourists every year. Reaching this beach from the center of this city is very easy. It only takes a little journey to reach a number of modern beach bars where you can have a great time with your loved one or family. Along the harbor, you shall find a number of pools that can be a perfect spot for a great swimming experience. If you like to have exclusive access to this increase Casablanca beach, you might as well get yourself listed in some memberships offered by the hotels.

Another great place for your cool and breezy Casablanca tour would be the Bouznika beach. This particular beach is situated between the city of Casablanca and the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. Located pretty far from the first beach, you shall find Moroccan allure well preserved in the area. There are plenty of leisure activities you can do in the location of the beach include swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. You can also walk on the fresh and sandy beach to breathe the cool atmosphere in the area. If you have plenty of time in your schedule, you can simply continue your journey to Agadir beach. This particular beach is also a great place to visit even when you plan to have a winter vacation.