With friendly people, a gorgeous climate, and awesome tours, Tarija, Bolivia is really a one-of-a kind. Being a non-touristy and tranquil city, you can even be more impressed by the mountain surroundings. The colonial heritage and the valley landscapes also add to its inviting and warm atmosphere.

Also, the city boasts for its awesome singani and delicious wines making it the best for enjoying the liveliest music. This is really refreshing and different from the typical tourist attractions in Bolivia.

Below is the complete list of things to do in Tarija, Bolivia that leave you impressed and fascinated:

Wine Tour

Since Tarija is known for producing wine, it is just essential to go out on a wine tour. The tours can take between three and a half and four hours in the mornings and afternoons. You would simply get all the fun, thrill, and excitement at the commercial wineries, artisanal wineries, and more. If you want, you may try visiting Casa Real, being the main producer of Singani.

Eat in the Great Restaurants Around

You can eat in the great restaurants around and try all the other selections that bring you delight and enjoyment. If you also like to taste Bolivian food, you can have it anytime you want. You just need to visit a friendly environment like the Plaza Mayor. This is simply situated in Calle La Madrid which is halfway between the Cathedral and plaza.

Apart from it, there are also barbeque steaks and other cuisines to find in El Fogon de Gringo, located between Hotel Los Ceibos and Plaza Uriondo.

El Marquez, on the other hand, boasts of its extensive menu, good service, elegant surroundings, and more. This also remains the best and most favorite place of a lot of tourists. With a table set by the window, you can watch the lives of people who go by the plaza. You may also try the table upstairs for you to get that feeling of being special and elite.

For amazing foods and special occasions, you can also visit La Taberna which is famed as a French-styled restaurant between Virginio Lema and 15 de Abril.

Excursion and Tramping

Tarija, Bolivia offers you a different excursion and tramping experience because of its waterfalls. You can just choose to take a tour to the Condors, and the Sama Range. It is also likewise appealing to visit the Inca trail. There are shorter tours around to paleontological and rock painting sites that complete the fun and enjoyment.

Relax in the Plaza of the City

You can just watch the life that goes by when you stay and relax in the plaza of the city. This will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, and calm. And thus, this is something that the city boasts for its tourists.

Now, you have learned about the interesting things to do in Tarija, in Bolivia that satisfy you to the core! Invite your other friends and suggest all these things that will leave them happy and contented!