Ponte de Lima is a centre for outdoor pursuits and adventure activities in the north of Portugal. There’s the Ecovia biking course, kayaking in the Rio Lima, mountain biking or trekking along at the Serra D’Arga or nature trails. There’s so much to appreciate about Ponte de Lima, and the city ought to be included in your vacation or your Portugal tour. 

Ponte De Lima is one of Portugal’s old cities, also its history is represented in the range of pretty plazas, churches and buildings that are expansive. Besides this mix of attractions, there are also a number of intriguing flower gardens and beautiful magnificent scenery, which makes it a great tourist destination. The city lies on the banks of this Lima River that is slow-flowing.
The older streets at the centre of the town are lined with elegant buildings and are a joy to wander in, especially on market days or during the Feiras Novas festivitiy.

Around the city are several fantastic manor houses or quintas, a number of which date from the 16th century and are now guesthouses. Staying at one of these will be another great reason to visit Ponte de Lima. On the main square, Largo de Camões, there is a fountain dated from the 18th century and several cosy cafes with terraces.

The town gets packed in mid-September when there is a large festival and market in the city, and also in early June through the Vaca das Corda’s festival.

Ponte de Lima Location

This photogenic city is situated at the southern shore of the Lima, a little river in the north of Portugal. The city is located about 90 km from Porto and 25 km from Viana do Castelo and 40 km from Braga. Among the oldest cities in Portugal (based on 4 March 1125), it was historically important as a Roman settlement on the way from Braga to Santiago de Compostela and Lugo, and also the very first location in Portugal obtaining a municipal charter.

Visit beautiful gardens in Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is Portugal’s “most floral town”. Even the street resulting in the centre is lined with blossoms. The air is filled with the scent of wisteria dangling out of pergolas and arches while strands of pansies and petunias add splashes of colour into the historic centre.

gardens in Ponte de Lima

International Garden Festival in Ponte de Lima – © Desert Morocco Adventure

From the Roman bridge there is a walk to the Jardims Temáticos and to Arnado’s themed gardens, on the other side. It is possible to view some examples of garden fashions through the ages such as the Renaissance Gardens, the Roman Gardens and the Baroque Gardens.

The creative displays at the annual International Garden Festival, which is open from May to October, are also worth a trip. The theme and the gardens alter each year, though the garden from the year stays on for one more year.