When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for a romantic vacation in Europe, most visitors would simply choose to come to Paris in France or Venice in Italy. However, should you wish to discover a great destination filled with stunning natural attractions in this blue continent, and then you might want to visit Croatia with its Plitvice Lakes National Park. Actually, this European country is home to a number of wonderful national parks which have their own fascinating attractions. However, the Plitvice Lakes seems to be the most popular of all as this national park has unique and stunning natural phenomenon. This particular Croatian national park is located on the foot of Kordun and Lika. You can find it between the mountains of Licka Pljesevica and Mala Kapela. The road to this tourist site connects Zagreb and Dalmatia.

Discovering the Plitvice Lakes National Park

You can find plenty of fascinating natural sites in this national park including the phenomenon of karst hydrography. There are many different caves and pits can be found in this natural park. The primeval forest in this national park is home to various wildlife activities as you can see plenty of bears and wolves. The pristine tivers in this area is filled with schools of silvery fish. Not to mention the beech trees which are home to a cacophony of chattering birds.

Should you wish to find the most interesting natural attractions in this national park, then you must witness the 16 translucent lakes. Thanks to the breathtaking series of cascades, they are naturally connected to each other. Back then, it is hard to believe that this amazing natural site was considered a war zone during the Yugoslavian breakup. In 1991, this area was turned into an army barracks by the Yugoslav army. The surrounding area of the national park then became a nightmarish landscape by the time the Croatian army was trying to force the Yugoslav army out of the area in 1995. Countless homes and farms were abandoned as they were bombed out by the two armies. The unfortunate war has made a devastating destruction to the surrounding area of this astonishing natural park.

Now, after years from the bloody war, Plitvice Lakes National Park has reclaimed its crown and has become one of the busiest tourist destinations in Croatia with more than 750 thousands of tourists visiting each year. Most of the enthusiast tourists visit this national park from July to August.

There are plenty of incredible natural attractions in the area of Plitvice Lakes Natural Park, you certainly have to come with a more flexible schedule each time to visit this place. One of the most popular tracks to get you to this spot is through the coast. It normally takes a few hours to reach the location of the national park and you will see plenty of stunning waterfalls along the trails. There is no need for you to worry about the quality of the accommodation since this area is home to three park hotels, small pensions and private rooms.