Old building will be something interesting for some people. They might be so bored in taking the same pictures in beaches. Alternatively, they do not want to go to the beaches and mountains. Therefore, those people want to see the old building for seeing the proof of history. Are you interested in this matter also? If you do, you should go to Italy. In Veneto, you will find so many old buildings. After visiting some places in Veneto, you may go to the other cities. There are so many attractions of those places. In this chance, we would like to give you some lists of old building which you may find in Veneto and other cities sin Italy. Therefore, you should stay here for more information.

Saint Mark’s Basilica will be the first destination that you should see. You might only see this place from the television program in your country. Then, you might think that this place is so amazing. Yes, what you have thought is true. However, when you see the real building of this place, you will say that this place is the best destinations that you might ever visit. Do you know why? It is an amazing architectural building in Basilica. You may take some pictures in that great place.

After that, you may continue your tour to Basilica di San Antonio. This is quite far from the first destination. So, make sure that your tour leader has set the route well so that you will not miss this place. Like the first destination, these places also offer the classic building with the unique architectural building. That is a great place to go. Therefore, you should write this place in your destination lists.

Later, you should go to St. Mark Square.  This place is located in Venice. Have you ever known about Venice? Yes, you are right. Some people like going to Venice for seeing the great canals with the old building. That is why; we recommend you to go to Venice also. You can see the great architectural building. Then, you may continue your tour by seeing the great canals with so many boats. This is the most favorite place to go.

Okay, it seems that you should call the ticket agent. Then, book the flight ticket to Italy. It must be for sure that what you will see there will be the great place to deal. Your tour leader will recommend other places. So, make sure that you go to Italy with your friends and family. Later, you may taste the Italian foods. The taste of Italian traditional foods is very delicious. You will not find it in your country. So, make sure that you will stop working for several days. Then, you will be in Italy in several days forward for the great vacation time. You will see the great building in the old style. Then, you will taste the delicious foods coming from Italian chef in the great Italian restaurant. It will be something nice to deal.