Indonesia as the biggest archipelago country is blessed with thousands of islands surrounded by beautiful beaches. The beautiful islands and beaches become famous tourist destinations for both domestic and international tourists. One of the famous tourist destinations worldwide is Bali Island. It is undeniable that Bali Island has numerous wonderful places to visit. This place has become the shooting location for numerous movies and dramas both domestic and international. For foreign people, Bali is more famous than Indonesia itself.

One of the famous beaches around the world in Bali is Kuta Beach. This beach is the main tourist destination when visiting Bali. Since the 70s, Kuta Beach has become the best destination for travelers worldwide. Several years ago, Kuta Beach was just a quiet fisherman village, but nowadays it has become the heart of Bali. As the popularity grows, a number of restaurants hotels, and nightclubs emerge along the main road from Kuta to Legian.

The history

Before transforming into a famous tourist destination in Bali, Kuta Beach was a trading harbor around the 19th century. A Denmark trader named Mads Lange built a trading spot on this beach and became a popular trader among the Balinese Kings.
This beach originally was the habitat of green turtles. However, the existence of green turtles is nearly extinct and become one of the preserved animals under Indonesian law. Due to the popularity of Kuta Beach, the green turtle reservation is then moved to Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Activity to do in Kuta Beach

Located in a very strategic area in Bali, to reach Kuta Beach only takes 15 minutes of rides from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Bali has been a paradise for surfers around the world. Yes, Kuta has steady and big waves which are suitable for surfing. If you are a wave hunter, then Kuta Beach is one of the perfect spots for you. The local people also open surfing lessons for beginners at a very friendly rate. Joining the surfing lesson, they guarantee to teach until able to surf. They also provide surfboard rental with an hourly rate. The local people also held an international night surfing competition. Even though night surfing is considered a new activity, it has been held several times since 2009.

While the most familiar scenery of Kuta Beach is surfers, it’s the shopping venue also attracts tourists. Along the main road to the beach, there are lots of shopping venues and malls from famous brands for your choice. If you want to buy local handicrafts, there are also souvenir shops spread along the beach.

As the sun goes down, most tourists gather on the beach to watch the amazing sunset. Yes, Kuta Beach is famous for its beautiful sunset. There are lots of restaurants that will serve you on the beach with the sunset in the background. At night, Kuta Beach transforms into a sleepless place with nightclubs and bars open for tourists to enjoy the party.