Rajasthan is one of the famous tourist objects in India; this city is rich in history and cultural heritage. There are lots of beautiful palaces, temples and fortress in Rajasthan as your travel destination. As part of the Golden Triangle of Tourism in India, Rajasthan attracts tourists from both international and domestic. The city of fairy tale forts and palaces tradition can be capture from annual fairs and festivals. The festivals and fairs are full of Rajasthan folk dances and music; these festivals become an attraction to people worldwide. There are several fairs and festival in Rajasthan throughout a year and can be marked as your next travel destination.

  1. Camel festival

This annual festivals is held every January to February and has become the cultural heritage from northern Rajasthan. The festival begins with a colorful march of bedecked camels. All the camels are decorated in most colorful color using Rajasthan best fabric and jewelry. Camel festival takes place in red sandstone on Junagarh fort. There are lots of show organized in the festival such as the tug of war contest, best breed competition, camel dances and acrobatics.

  1. Nagaur Fair

This festival is also known as Nagaur cattle fair usually attract numbers of merchants from all over the Rajasthan and others province as well. During the festival which annually held in February, the merchants from all over Rajasthan bring their livestock with them such as camels, horses, bullocks and sheep. The cattle and other livestock are decorated in colorful jewelry as pretty as possible. Besides livestock, wooden item, craft and leather accessories, iron craft also available during the festival.

  1. Desert festival

If you are in India especially in Rajasthan during January or February, you are lucky to have the chance to enjoy several festivals and fairs. One of the famous festivals in Rajasthan is the desert festival. This festival is a unique three days festival on the sand when the desert blooms. The common attraction during the desert festival is turban tying competition, camel race and acrobatics and traditional folk dances.

  1. Gangaur festival

This festival is held every March or April each year. Gangaur festival is a very important festival in Rajasthan since it is dedicated to Goddes Parvati and Lord Shiva. Young or unmarried girls who join the festival pray for being blessed with a good husband and the married women pray for a happy and prosperous married life. Lots of people dressed in their best attire and join the festival.

  1. Teej festival

The festival is held on July or August every year. Teej festival celebrates the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddes Parvati of Hindu religion. The festival takes three days where women pray for their marital life and bliss from Goddes Parvati. Young girls and women pun on green clothes and decorate their hands with mahendi. The following festival takes place in Jaipur for more two days in which camels, horses, and elephants are dressed in colorful cloths

Rajasthan is truly rich in culture heritage and festivals to attend; therefore it becomes a famous travel destination worldwide.

Picture: Sreenivasan Ramakrishnan. Source: Flickr


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