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Activities in Rajasthan

Things to Do

Festivals in Rajasthan

Festivals in Rajasthan to Attend

Rajasthan is one of the famous tourist objects in India; this city is rich in history and cultural heritage. There are lots of beautiful palaces, temples and fortress in Rajasthan as your travel destination. As part of the Golden Triangle of TourismContinue reading

Borobudur Temple,Java, Indonesia.

Five Must Visited Place in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most famous tourist destination in India. Both international and domestic tourists visit Rajasthan every year. Located in Northern part of India, Rajasthan is famous for the cultural heritage; it is the Land of Kings, majestic forts, and enchanting palaces. Continue reading

india chittorgarh fort

Chittorgarh Fort

India is not only renowned for its musical movies industry knows as Bollywood and its Taj Mahal. There are many other fascinating sites in India that can be a great choice for your holiday destination this season. Continue reading


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