Essaouira is located on the Atlantic Coast in between Casablanca and Agadir. The place is famous for fishing harbour and soaring seagull. It is also known as a coastal wind in which the wind blows the most day of the year. Most people call Essaouira as the Wind City of Africa. For most of the year, you can not sit or sunbathe on the beach because the wind blows the sand right into your face.

Essaouira is a crossroad between the Arab Chiadma in the north and the Haha Berbers in the south. There are also other cultures such as Gnawa which is from the further south in Africa and the European that enriched the culture in Essaouira. There are several places to visit in Essaouira.

1. Essaouira Medina

This place was added to the Unesco world heritage list. The layout of Medina is very well preserved since the late 18th century. It becomes one of the main example or European military fort architecture in North Africa. It is a stunning place to stroll down the narrow winding streets, colourful shops, houses with heavy wooden doors with the mellow atmosphere. You will be accompanied by the smiling faces of the local people when you walk down the narrow street.

2. Sidi Mohammed ben Abdullah Museum

This is a refurbished museum in Essaouira; the small museum has a wonderful collection of jewellery, wardrobes, weapons, carpets, and musical instrument. You can also find an explanation in a different section about the signs and symbols used by the local people for their crafts. There are photographs of Essaouira from time to time.

3. The beach

Due to its location, Essaouira’s beach is wide and windy. The wide sandy beach is good for beach stroll but it is not suggested to sunbath or swimming on the beach since the current and the wind is strong. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something more adventurous in Essaouira beach; you can try windsurfing or kite surfing. There are also horses and camels for rents to stroll the beach sometimes the owner can be quite firm. When you are walking, you can head to the south across the Ksob River to see the ruins of the Borj el-Berod when the tide is low. This place has become Jimi Hendrix’s inspiration for his work “Castles Made of Sand”.

4. Ile de Mogador

From Essaouira beach, you can head to the southwest coast which is Ile de Mogador. It actually consists of two islands and several smaller islands. The famous island is Iles Purpuraires or Purple Island. Some of the uninhabited islands are the home for Eleonora Falcons. You can also easily see the falcon using binocular from Essaouira beach.

A holiday would never be completed without enjoying signature food from local people. In Essaouira, you can visit Chez Sam which offers typical seafood. It is located at the end of the harbour. There are lots of other restaurants, hotels and homestays which provide excellent service and accommodation for your holiday in Essaouira.