India is not only renowned for its musical movies industry knows as Bollywood and its Taj Mahal. There are many other fascinating sites in India that can be a great choice for your holiday destination this season. If you are not so interested in spending most of your vacation on the white sandy beaches, then a historical tour in India is more likely to give you a totally different experience. Rajasthan can be a perfect destination for you to quench your thirst about the historical tourism of this country. This place is home to a number of forts and palaces and I have to point out Chittorgarh Fort as the one of the most interesting sites to visit.

The Chittorgarh Fort has the most interesting history compared to many other forts in the area. The Mori Rajput ruler, Chitrangad is known as the initial builder of this historical fort. The following ruler of Rajput, Raja Ajay Pal from the Sisodia clan managed to make some important improvements on the fort. Under this Rajput ruler, the people of Rajput had to witness three major battles that claimed so many lives. To put it briefly, the Chittorgarh Fort is an interesting tourist site full of historical values as it is seen as a living testimony to the great struggles of the Rajput rulers in fighting for their rights and land against the invaders.

Interesting Tourist Attractions at Chittorgarh Fort

This tourist destination in India has been very famous for many different tourist attractions. A single visit or day at Chittorgarh Fort might not be sufficient to discover all the fascinating parts of the historical fort. It would be best if you stay in this area for several days and make sure that you can come up with a nice hotel accommodation to make your vacation more enjoyable.
You can find a number of historical palaces in the area of Chittorgarh Fort. Each of them has their own unique structures as well as historical stories. Let us take the Kunwar Pade ka Mahal palace for example. It was built in the year of 1450 was meant for the prince of Chittor. The fact that this palace is shaped in S arches and made from the beautiful blue tiles has made it a gorgeous building to look at.

Another great palace in the Chittorgarh Fort is the one made for Rani Padmini known as the white building. The Rani Padmini’s palace features a crown on the top and is surrounded by the water. Even though the monument you see today is the reconstructed version of the original structure, the authority has done a great job in preserving its historical values. Near the location of the white building, you will find an artificial pond named the Bhimlat Kund. This pond was dedicated to Bhima, the strongest Pandawa brother.

There are many other interesting sites in the Chittorgarh Fort that you need to visit including Fateh Prakash, Fort Temples and Naulakha Bhandar. Make sure that you have several days in your schedule so that you can visit all of them.


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