A Beautiful Holiday Destination in Indonesia: Each time we talk about visiting Indonesia for our vacation, it is very often that we recall Bali as its most amazing tourist destination. However, Indonesia actually still has so many other fascinating sites worth visiting beside the island of Bali. This country has five major islands and hundreds or thousands of smaller islands. A number of smaller islands have turned out to be great destinations for both local and international tourists. Let us take Belitung Island for example. Despite the fact that this island is not as big as Java or Sumatra, its popularity keeps on growing very quickly over the last few years. Belitung island is not only famous for its various export commodities like tin, pepper and granite rocks, more and more people are starting to recognize its gorgeous beaches with filled with beautiful and relaxing white sand. The fact that this island is a home to crystal clear water and surrounded by smaller enchanting islands has made Belitung island a perfect place for you to spend your holiday season.

This beautiful Indonesian island was ruled by the Great Britain in 1812. The Dutch become the next ruler before Indonesia declared its independence in 1945. The capital city of this island in Tanjung Pandan, you can reach the location of the beach from the city pretty easily now. The tin mining was initiated by the Dutch and it has become the major export commodity that has also made this place known worldwide. There are many local people who live near the beach area and most of them make their living by fishing. They make revenue from their catch by selling them to the market. Visiting the market could be an interesting leisure activity. Not only that you can watch the cultural and traditional life of the local people, you might be able to enjoy the fresh seafood with more affordable price.

Indonesia has become one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet. Visiting a very popular tourist site in Indonesia like Bali, Lombok of Raja Ampat Island in the holiday season is more likely to lead you to a very crowded condition or tourist traps. Belitung Island can be a great alternative to those already famous Indonesian tourist sites. Not only that you will have a more private visit and free from the tourist traps, exploring Belitung Island is more likely to be less expensive. More importantly, you can feast your eyes with the great views of the ocean and enjoy your quality time at a number of beautiful and exotic beaches.

There are many gorgeous beaches that you can enjoy in this island and each of them seems to have their own charms. Tanjung Tinggi has to be one of the most visited beaches in Belitung Island. This enchanting beach is a perfect spot for you to swim, fish, dive, and sunbath. Other than Tanjung Tinggi beach, Belitung island is also home to many other fascinating tourist sites that are worth visiting such as Lengkuas island, Bukit Berahu resort, Tanjung Kiras beach and Tanjung Kelayang beach.

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