Experience the Majorelle Garden’s Centennial Celebration: A Century of Art, Culture, and Botanical Marvels in Marrakech.

By: Rachid, Jan 2, 2024 at 11:29

Nestled in the heart of Marrakech, the iconic Majorelle Garden is set to commemorate a remarkable milestone in 2024 – its 100th anniversary. With a rich tapestry of cultural events and festivities, the garden is poised to dazzle visitors from all walks of life.

Originally established in 1924 by the renowned French painter Jacques Majorelle, this enchanted space was born from a visionary’s dream. Majorelle’s artistic touch not only graced the walls with his famous “Bleu Majorelle” but also curated a botanical wonderland inspired by Islamic and tropical gardens.

For four decades, the artist meticulously gathered flora from around the globe, sculpting the garden into a living masterpiece. In 1947, Majorelle opened its gates to the public, inviting them to behold its mesmerizing beauty.

The garden’s fate took an inspiring turn when Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent, learning of plans to transform it into a hotel, stepped in. In 1980, they became its custodians, fiercely safeguarding its accessibility to all.

Since then, the Majorelle Garden has flourished into one of Morocco’s most beloved destinations, drawing over 900,000 visitors annually. Beyond its lush greenery, the garden houses two cherished museums: the Musée Pierre Bergé des Arts Berbères and the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech.

As the centennial celebrations unfold, the Majorelle Garden stands not just as a testament to botanical brilliance but as a testament to the enduring legacy of art, culture, and preservation. It remains an oasis where nature and human creativity harmoniously converge, inviting all to revel in its splendor.

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