I have a treat for you in the charming city of Ghent if you enjoy rooftop bars as much as I do. And also if you are constantly searching for something new. Imagine yourself drinking your favorite beverage and watching the city spread out below you. Yes, the rooftop bars of Ghent are the topic of discussion!

Rooftop Bars in Ghent

Ghent, a time tourist’s dream, is a living medieval tale. Its cobblestone streets, Gothic architecture, and Gravensteen Castle whisper tales of a bygone era. Wander through records inside the heart of Ghent, in which each corner echoes the spell-binding echoes of the past. Gravensteen Castle and St. Bavo’s Cathedral stand as guardians of stories, while the captivating Graslei and Korenlei canals weave via the coronary heart, reflecting the metropolis’s picturesque charm.

Yet Ghent is no mere postcard. It is a colorful city where festivals and comfy cafes fill the streets. Wander down secret alleys, encounter nearby artwork at Werregarenstraat, and allow Ghent’s particular strength to enchant your soul. This Belgian beauty is greater than meets the eye—it’s a residing, respiration tapestry of reviews ready to be embraced.

The warmth of Ghent isn’t just in its historical structure; it’s within the genuine smiles of locals, the aroma of waffles lingering inside the air, and the active hum of students from Ghent University. Whether you’re savoring a Belgian beer, indulging in chocolaty delights, or taking walks alongside the enduring Gravensteen, Ghent invites you to be a part of its ever-evolving tale. So, come, immerse yourself in the coronary heart of Flanders – where tradition meets modernity, and every cobblestone tells a tale.

1. SkyLounge Ghent – Where Elegance Meets the Sky

Tucked away on top of the Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof Ghent, SkyLounge Ghent is the epitome of sophistication with a view. Head to Hoogstraat 36, ride that elevator like you own the place, and voilà – you’re in cocktail paradise with Ghent’s skyline as your backdrop.

2. Dali’s Bar at 1898 The Post – A Vintage Hideaway

Now, if you’re into that perfect blend of vintage charm and modern coolness, Dali’s Bar at 1898 The Post is your spot. Climb up to the fourth floor of 1898 The Post at Graslei 16, and get ready for a cozy rooftop vibe that’ll make your heart do a happy dance.

3. Ganzerik Skybar – Where Trendy Meets Relaxed

For those days when you just want to chill, Ganzerik Skybar is the answer. Situated above 1898 The Post (yep, they’re neighbors), this trendy spot on the fifth floor is all about laid-back vibes and killer views. Ideal for a casual hangout or a bit of romance as the sun dips below the horizon.

4. Getting There – Rooftop Bars in Ghent!

Now, how do you get to these sky-high havens? Well, Ghent’s no concrete jungle, so you can easily walk or bike your way to most places. If you’re rolling in from the train station, trams and buses are your trusty sidekicks.

To add a bit of flair to your journey: Jump on a boat along the Graslei and Korenlei canals. Trust me, it’s not just a ride; it’s a prelude to an unforgettable rooftop escapade.

Put on your coziest shoes, grab your map (or not, since where’s the fun in that? ), and let’s explore Ghent to the utmost!

Best Rooftop Bars in Ghent

Float above the magic of Ghent in the rooftop bars! The best rooftop bars in Ghent with panoramic views. Here is a quick list of some of the best rooftop bars in Ghent, Belgium:

Rooftop Lounge

  • Enjoy a mesmerizing view of Ghent’s skyline in a modern yet historic setting.
  • Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated atmosphere and signature cocktails.

SkyView Terrace

  • Tucked away atop a historic building, this spot offers a cozy retreat with panoramic views.
  • Ideal for a laid-back experience and savoring local flavors from the carefully curated menu.

Cloud Nine Bar

  • A vibrant and lively rooftop setting with expertly crafted cocktails.
  • Whether you’re celebrating or just enjoying a casual night out, Cloud Nine Bar adds excitement to your evening.

Exploring these rooftop bars promises not just stunning views but a unique taste of Ghent’s culture and charm.

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