Travel QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is Moroccan culture known for?
khalid Staff asked 2 years ago

Moroccan culture is also praised for its linguistic diversity. Apart from Classical Arabic, it is the language of administration and media. The everyday language in Morocco is Darija and Tamazight (Berber) and varies by region.

What is Moroccan culture known for?

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Asif answered 2 years ago

What is Moroccan culture known for?

The cultural diversity of Morocco is extremely surprising. Berber mud architecture, soft Andalusian-influenced music and mouth-watering spices are just some of the things that give this North African gem its own charm.

The culture of Morocco is a mixture of Arab, Berber, Jewish, and Western European cultures. Morocco has always been an excellent example of the cultural coexistence of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Milon answered 2 years ago

What is Moroccan culture known for?

Morocco is known for its delicious and aromatic cuisine that draws on Berber, Arab, Jewish, Andalusian and French influences. Popular culinary dishes in the country are couscous and tajine with meat and vegetables. Tagine is slowly cooked in a clay pot with a cone-shaped red-colored lid. Sardines are another staple and are prepared in many different ways, all of which are delicious. In Morocco, you can also enjoy a cup of sweet and refreshing Moroccan tea while chatting with local friends.

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