Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque is a special symbol of Marrakech and the highest mosque in the city. Its pretty minaret was completed in the 12 century during the reign of Khalifa Moulay Yacoub al-Mansur. The mosque is actually older than the tower, but had to be reconstructed because he was not facing the holy city of Mecca. […]

Exploring the High Atlas from Marrakesh

Africa is not only home to exciting wildlife filled with many untamed animals. This continent is also home to a country where African, Arab, Berber and European cultures have blended in a way that makes this place an interesting site to visit. Morocco is a unique African country in the northern area which is filled […]

Things to Know about Budget Riads in Marrakech

There’s a common trend among people to buy riads in Marrakech. Budget Riads in Marrakech are suitable for those who look for interesting and profitable places to stay in such city. As for the numbers, there are approximately 200 riads in this city. Those mansions are very attractive so you are able to convert them […]