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How do you get to the desert in Morocco? – Desert Morocco

There are many options for getting to the desert in Morocco and the most popular is traveling with a tour operator. Most travelers interested in seeing the Sahara desert in Morocco choose to take a 3 or 4-day trip from Marrakech. There is a large number of travel agencies in Morocco that offer adventure tours. […]

Can you do a day trip from Marrakech to Chefchaouen

Can you make a day trip from Marrakech to Chefchaouen?

Can you make a day trip from Marrakech to Chefchaouen? this is one of the questions we regularly get from travelers who want to combine the trip to Marrakech with the blue city of Chefchaouen. Yes, it is possible to do it in one day but it will be a long journey which I do […]

Morocco Desert Tours From Marrakech – Desert Morocco Adventure Tours

Desert Morocco Adventure has been adding lately a few new tours that cover the most beautiful sights of the country. Most of our Morocco desert tours from Marrakech are including an overnight in the Sahara desert and a short camel trek in the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi. Many only know Morocco as the land […]