Tabarca Island also known as Nueva Tabarca is the largest island in Alicante. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Alicante, Spain. Here’s a quick guide to help you get the most out of your trip to this beautiful island.

Wizard’s tips: You can get there by boat and the crossing costs €10 at the ticket office and €8 online. Parking at the harbor is expensive, it might be a good idea to park somewhere else and walk to the harbor.

Getting To Tabarca Island

To reach Tabarca Island, you’ll need to take a short boat ride from the mainland. Here’s how:

  • From Alicante: You can take the ferry, which takes about an hour, or drive to the charming coastal town of Santa Pola.
  • From Santa Pola: From Santa Pola’s port, you can catch a ferry or water taxi that will whisk you away to Tabarca Island in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Ferry Schedules: The ferry service operates on a seasonal schedule, so be sure to check the departure times in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.
The typical houses of the island of Nova Tabarca in Alicante, Spain

The typical houses of the island of  Nueva Tabarca in Alicante, Spain

Accommodation in Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island offers a serene and rustic atmosphere, with limited accommodation options. Consider these choices for your stay:

  • Tabarca Island Guesthouses: Experience the island’s local hospitality by staying in one of its charming guesthouses or cottages. These provide a more authentic island experience.
  • Day Trips: Many visitors choose to explore Tabarca Island as a day trip from Alicante or Santa Pola and return to the mainland in the evening.

Things to Do On Tabarca Island

Tabarka is a blend of natural beauty and cultural charm, where charming white houses with ornate blue windows attract visitors. The inhabited part of the island is surrounded by majestic walls decorated on two sides with large doorways, creating a truly magical atmosphere. Furthermore, the island has a picturesque church, a lighthouse, and beautiful surroundings.

However, the island’s most precious treasure remains hidden beneath the shimmering waves, escaping the naked eye. In a milestone moment back in 1986, Tabarca earned the distinction of being Spain’s inaugural marine reserve, a testament to the invaluable marine ecosystem that envelops this extraordinary island.

Tabarca Island’s modest size doesn’t take away from its rich experiences:

Things to Do In Tabarka Island

The island is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and marine life. Grab your snorkeling gear or arrange a diving excursion to discover the underwater treasures, including colorful fish and coral reefs.

Tabarca Island boasts picturesque beaches like Playa de la Nueva and Playa de la Cantera. Relax on the sandy shores and soak in the Mediterranean sun.

Indulge in the island’s delectable seafood dishes, like paella and caldero (typical dish). Seafood lovers won’t want to miss the opportunity to savor freshly caught delicacies.

Climb up to the island’s historic lighthouse for panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the island’s picturesque landscapes.

Stroll through the island’s charming streets, lined with colorful houses and quaint shops. Explore its historic center, which dates back to the 18th century.

Local Tips

  • Cash: There are limited ATMs on the island, so it’s advisable to carry enough cash for your visit.
  • Respect Nature: Help preserve Tabarca’s natural beauty by respecting its flora and fauna. Avoid disturbing the wildlife and picking native plants.
  • Protect from the Sun: The Mediterranean sun can be intense, so bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to shield yourself.

Best Time to Visit Tabarca Island

The best times to visit Tabarca Island are during spring, early summer, and early autumn. During this period the weather is pleasant and the island is also less crowded.

Tabarca Island is a tranquil oasis that promises a break from the ordinary. Whether you’re looking to relax on pristine beaches, explore historical sites, or savor delicious Mediterranean cuisine, this charming island has something special in store for every traveler. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to Tabarca Island for a taste of Spanish paradise.

FAQs about Tabarca Island:

Yes, on Tabarca Island there are restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine, which includes more seafood and fish.

Yes, the island has a number of accommodations where you can stay overnight on the island and further enjoy diving and hiking.

From Alicante, it takes one hour. When you take a ferry trip from Alicante to Tabarca, you may have the opportunity to observe the diverse marine life that inhabits the Mediterranean Sea which can be seen through the glass on the ferry.

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