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Travel Guide Meknes

  • Morocco
  • Meknes
  • 457.3 km²
  • 50000
  • Dirham
  • AR/BER
  • 985.000
  • "Meknes is one of the smallest cities in Morocco. Thus, visiting all the interesting sites in this city will not require a great deal of time. You can simply visit all those fascinating spots in less than a day."


General Information About Meknes

Covering the area of 447,000 square kilometers, Morocco has turned out to be an exotic place on earth filled with huge cultural diversity and an array of fascinating tourist destinations. Should you look for the Moroccan tourist site famous for its well preserved royal and grand presence, then Meknes can be your first priority. This would be one of the major cities in Morocco that holds a special place in the history of this country. Back then, Meknes was renowned as one of the four imperial capitals and Sultan Moulay Ismail meant to turn this place into his biggest palace of the entire empire. Even though such an ambitious plan was not successful,  the reign managed to build a grand palace here. It is no secret that most of the tourists who come to this city are the excess travelers who initially mean to go to Fes. However, that does not make this place is less worthy of your visiting. Meknes has many things to offer that you can find in any other Moroccan destinations like Casablanca and Fes. This city still has come up with its own charm and it can be a blessing in disguise for many travelers.

Morocco has turned out to be a great destination for international tourists. Not only that it attracts many tourists from Europe, millions of other visitors from many other countries in the world keep visiting various fascinating sites in a number of major cities in Morocco every year. The fact that the Government of Morocco has provided the travelers with improved infrastructures and leisure facilities has made it a lot easier for every traveler in reaching their most favorite spots including Meknes.

There are two major parts in Meknes that are worth visiting. The first part of this city is known as the ville nouvelle or the Arab tourists call it as the Hamrya. The other part of Meknes is the old part of the town and is known as the Medina. These two parts of the city seem to be contrasting to each other. Unlike the old part of the town, the ville nouvelle is well equipped with a great deal of modern facilities. Every visitor shall be provided with great entertainment facilities such as comfortable hotels, restaurants and cinemas as well.

Should you look for a completely different nuance, you might want to head to the Medina. This other part of Meknes is home to the grand monuments known as the Royal Golf Course. The mausoleum of Moulay Ismail is also located in the Medina side of town. Considering that the mausoleum and the mosques are only for Muslims, it would be much better if you pay attention on the way you dress up for the sake of your traveling convenience. Please note that only Muslims are allowed to enter those religious sites. However, the non-Muslim visitors will still be indulged with the great views of the sites. One thing for sure, you can still have a great time visiting Meknes whichever part of the city that you choose.


Meknes Culture and History

There are many different tourist destinations you can visit in Morocco where each of them offer different and unique tourist experiences. This African country is divided into four imperial cities and Menkes is one of the cities that has become a very popular tourist site. This city is known as the smallest city in the country and it features two different parts. The modern part of Meknes or known as the new town area is named the Ville Nouvelle. The other one is called the Medina which represents the old part of the city. The infrastructures have been well improved to support the tourism in the Ville Nouville. It would be very easy for you to find bus stations and trains in this region. It only takes about 20 or 30 minutes of walk to reach the Medina from the New Town. Taking a taxi cab will take you there much faster. Being very different from one another, the Medina and the Vile Nouvelle have their own charms that attract many visitors every year.

The History of meknes at A Glance

Discovering the history of Meknes can be very enticing no matter if you love to learn about historical cities or even a history hater. After all, when you have a better knowledge about the history about this city, it will give you a more enjoyable visit to the historical places in Meknes. A Berber tribe called Miknasa is known as the first inhabitant of this historical city. The name of the city was derived from the name of that particular Berber tribe. The Berber itself is known as a unique ethnic group in Morocco who speaks their own language, Berber. The Berber tribe in this city is quite different from other tribes occupying the country. They managed to come up with their own cultural uniqueness.

Meknes was known as the capital city of Morocco during the period of 1627 to 1727. At that time, Morocco was ruled by Sultan Moulay Ismail. The prodigal construction built during this reign had turned this city into the Versailles of Morocco. You can now still see the architectural remains of the Islamic empire throughout this city.

The Culture of Meknes

The local culture of Meknes is also an interesting aspect that differs this particular city from other destinations in the country. Should you wish to entertain yourself during your Meknes visit, you might as well head to the center of the city. You will find plenty of entertaining cultural attractions in the city square. This place holds circus attentions that are combined with acrobat exhibitions. It should be very entertaining for you and your family. Other than that, every visitor will be indulged with various performances from dancers, instrument musicians, story tellers, medicine physicians, drummers and snake charmers. The city square is known as the El-Hdim and it holds plenty of different events occasionally. Those cultural performances are originally held to entertain the local people and every visitor is welcome to enjoy the shows.