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Travel Guide Bali

  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • Denpasar
  • 5,636.66km²
  • 80361
  • IDR
  • 4,225,384
  • "Indonesia is the country with tons of tourist attractions. Thanks to the fact that we have now many budget air flight companies that fly to various countries and islands in Indonesia, reaching this country has never been this easy and affordable"


General Information About Bali

Indonesia is a popular destination for many tourists from around the globe. This country is the biggest archipelago in the world and it is home to myriad of tourist attractions and fascinating places. Should wonder about the most popular and most visited tourist destination of the country, Bali has to be on the top of the list. This gorgeous island is so popular that may travelers recognize Bali better than the country it is located. The island of Bali has so many things to offer to every visitor and it has managed to build up a good reputation for being a complete and nice destination for your Asian vacation. There are plenty of relaxing beaches that are well equipped with outstanding views of the ocean. This tourist attraction has been a great magnet to millions of visitors every year. It should be glad to know that the beaches are not the only main attractions in this island, there so many other things you can do as well as other fascinating spots you can visit to make your vacation more exciting.

Visiting the island of Bali has become much easier as a large number of budget airline companies are more than ready to take you to Bali. You can either visit this island on your own or take the whole family or friends with you. Despite the world class tourist attractions and hotel accommodation in Bali, visiting this island can be a great option for you budget friendly vacation. The cost of living in this island is much more affordable that many other popular tourist destinations. In order to make your Bali visit more memorable, it would be wise if you have a clear idea of what you want to do during your vacation in Bali. Since there are so many things that you can do in Bali to fill you schedule, you might need to shift your focus on the top things to do in this gorgeous Indonesian island.

It is no secret that many international and local tourists come to this island to have a closer look at the beautiful beaches. There are plenty of exciting activities that you can do in this area. Not only that you can enjoy the beaches through swimming, snorkeling or surfing the waves, walking along the beach and see the natural process of sunsets can be a fascinating experience. If you wonder about the best spots in Bali for surfing activities, then you visit Brawa, Pererenan or Canggu beaches.

The island of Bali can be a great place for you to get closer to the nature as well. In Desa Taro, you will have the opportunity to interact with one of the biggest animals on the planet, the elephants. Touching and feeding them with your own hands have become the main attractions of this Elephant Safari Park. Your exciting day at Bali will not be perfect unless you get yourself involved in the nightlife in this island. There are many nightclubs in Bali that offer a great nightlife experience to every visitor including yourself.

sport in bali

Sports Played in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has become the most visited tourist destination in Indonesia territory. An array of exotic and beautiful beaches and well preserved cultural and religious life of the local people have made a great combination to attract millions of visitors to the island of Bali every year. Bali is the land of innumerable tourist attractions, you can make your entire vacation unforgettable with many types of leisure activities. When sun bathing at gorgeous beaches and dine at the finest restaurant near the beach area are not enough to meet your expectations, then you certainly need to try a number of different sports played in Bali. The fact that the island of Bali is home to a large number of pretty beaches with their breathtaking views has made this island a perfect location for various water sports. In addition to that, Bali has also provided you with many ideal venues for your most favorite land sports. You can simply choose the kind of sport that suits your needs perfectly. Just make sure that it does not drain your energy considering that you still have lots of exciting to do in Bali at the rest of your day.

The island of Bali is now home to a plethora of the finest hotel accommodations in the world. It should be very easy for you to stay in a five star hotel with high class facilities and complete amenities in many parts of this gorgeous island. However, the comfort of your five star hotel room should never keep you away from exploring this Indonesian island in a more energetic approach. Do not hesitate to leave that cozy spot in your hotel room and fill your day with great outdoor activities. Here are some sports that you can do in Bali to make your vacation more worthwhile.

Everybody loves golf these days. If you happen to be a big fan of these classy sports, it should be very hard for you to get your mind free from it even when you are on a vacation in Bali. This beautiful, in fact, has provided us with a number of vast golf courses with professional facilities. The vast stretches of grassland would be a great place for you play golf. In addition to that, you golf experience will be more enhanced as you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and a number of volcanoes in Bali during your game.Bali has also offered many other natural attractions beside their beaches. This island is home to a number of great sites for your mountain climbing and cycling. Riding on your bike through the rugged hills in the Balinese traditional villages would be something that you cannot find elsewhere. The spectacular views along the cycling track might just distract you from your tiredness. In order to prevent you from getting lost in the village road, you can simply hire some local guide.

There are many other types of exciting sports that you can play in Bali including, horse ride, paragliding, helicopter ride, marine sports, jet set diving and whitewater rafting. Whatever type of sports that you choose, make sure that you put your safety above other aspects


The History and The Culture of Indonesia

The world has so many interesting places to visit where every destination has their own unique character and offers distinguished holiday experience. If you love to have a great time in some tropical region this holiday season, then the best option that you have is visiting Indonesia. This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South East Asian region that offers many different tourist attractions to quench your thirst. Before you can enjoy your most favorite destinations and attractions in Indonesia, digging out more information about the history and culture of this beautiful country might just make your Indonesian visit more delightful and memorable.

The Indonesian History in Brief

Indonesia has been really attractive since hundreds of years ago. The natural wealth, in particular, was the main attraction of this archipelago that has attracted may European countries to explore the nation long before Indonesia and its people claimed their independence. Before this archipelago get united under one nation, there were a number of different kingdoms spread across the islands. It was the natural wealth of this country that made the Netherlands occupied the Southeast Asian country so long. Japan was known as the last country that occupied Indonesia and the Indonesian people obtained their independence from the Japanese on August 17th, 1945. Soekarno and Hatta are known as the founding fathers of Indonesia and the former figure was the first president of this beautiful nation. After more than 60 years of being an independent country, Indonesia is still trying to explore its full potentials.

The Unique Culture of Indonesia

Thanks to its various tourist destinations, Indonesia has become one of the most visited nations in the world. The interesting places and fascinating attractions are not the only aspects that make this country worth your every visit. Obviously, there are innumerable ethnic groups here in Indonesian islands. You will be amazed with the variety of cultures and traditions that you find in every island of this nation. The people of Indonesia, especially the ones in Java island, have managed to mixed various cultures and come up with a highly attraction form of artful performance. The Indonesian traditional puppet show can be found in almost every corner of Java island. This traditional show is mostly influenced by two major religions in the country, Islam and Hindu. The traditional puppet found in the western area of Java is made from wooden material. Meanwhile, the puppet used in the eastern region is made from leather. The language used during the traditional show is also different in every region. These days, you can also see the influence of western culture in many parts of the country. You can see this influence obviously on the entertainment features in the major cities of Indonesia. The western culture can be seen in the political system of this nation as well. The have been adopting democratic values in selecting their local and state administrations. Indonesia is also known as one of the biggest democratic nations in the world.

Night Life in Bali

Night Life in Bali

Every tourist destination has their own magnet to raise our interest and keep on visiting them over and over again. There is a beautiful tourist island in Indonesia that offers so many attractions that every visitor just cannot get enough with. The popularity of this island even exceeds the name of the country itself. Bali has been well known for its gorgeous beaches, unique culture and religious life, perfect venues for your most favorite water sports and many other aspects. Other than that, the night life is Bali is also something that you should not miss each time you visit this Indonesian island. It seems like a perfect addition to the delightful beaches in every corner of this island.

Where You Need to Go After Dusk

By the time the sun goes down on the west horizon, you should never see it as the end of your exciting day at Bali island. On the contrary, you have to see it as the beginning of your incredible night life at Bali. If you are looking for the best spot for electric after dark entertainment in this island, it would be much better if you can spend your night at the district of Kuta. The resort area of Sanur is also renowned for its great night entertainment that will indulge every visitor and give an unforgettable night in Bali. You can easily find plenty of bars and dozens of entertaining nightclubs in both regions. All those after dark entertainment spots will keep you accompanied and well entertained all night long. If that is not good enough to make your night memorable, you might need to visit the nightclubs that usually offer mind-boggling live band performances. If your hotel accommodation is located in Kuta beach area, make sure that you visit Hard Rock Cafe or Bohe VVIP Club before you spend the night in your hotel room. Jazz Cafe in Ubud and Bacio Club in Legian can be a great alternative for your incredible night life experience. Ku De Ta Bar is also known as a great place for you make your night more energetic and electrified. It has been a favorite place for many night life and clubbing enthusiasts from many different countries. The visitor of this bar will be indulged with some of the biggest parties of the season. Visiting Ku De Ta Bar on its birthday would be a great idea to witness a huge birthday party that makes your nights unforgettable. There are so many interesting places that you can visit in Bali during the daylight. Most of the incredible sites will lose their charms by the time the sun goes down. Staying in your hotel room can be a nice option should you are a fan of luxurious and comfortable hotel facilities. Then again, why wasting your precious time by spending the night in your cozy hotel room when you can hang out with your friends at the entertaining bars or nightclubs and make your vacation much more exciting and unforgettable.