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Istanbul Travel Guide

  • Turkey
  • Istanbul
  • Marmara
  • 1,830.92km²
  • 34010-34850
  • TRY
  • 14,982,960
  • "Turkey is known as one of the most visited countries on the planet. Millions of travelers choose to have a great time during their holiday season in this country for many different reasons"


General Information About Turkey

Turkey is known as one of the most visited countries on the planet. Millions of travelers choose to have a great time during their holiday season in this country for many different reasons. This country is home to myriad tourist attractions and single visit to Turkey will not be sufficient to discover all of them. Reaching the country of Turkey should be very easy as there is countless respected airline companies that will take you fly conveniently. The location of Turkey is very strategic for a highly popular tourist destination in the world. Situated between two continents, half of the country actually belongs to the Middle East whereas the rest of the country belongs to Europe. You can either visit any of them yet you will be provided with gorgeous landscapes and fascinating tourist sites.

Interesting Facts about Turkey

The people of Turkey have been real familiar with a number of different languages. In addition to their national language, which is Turkish, you will also find some of them who speak in Kurdish, Greek or Arabic. The Government of Turkey seems to have a great attention to the development of their tourism. The travelers from the Western Europe can easily enter this country as no Visa will be required. If you happen to travel from the Great Britain or some other countries on the planet, you might as well equip yourself with a passport and approved Visa to have a smooth entrance to Turkey.

Turkey is a country with well-developed and integrated transportation systems. Not only that you can reach the location of this country very easily with air flight travel or ocean journey, there different means of transportation you can use to explore interesting sites in the country. Most of the favorite tourist destinations in Turkey can be easily reached by buses, trains or even a cab. Should you wish for a more informational means of transformation during your Turkish vacation, it would be best if you opt for the taxi cabs. You can gain a lot of valuable information from the taxi drivers including how to reach the best tourist sites on the outskirts area. The taxi cabs seem like a better option considering that it is the main form of public transformation in the country.

The buses have been modernized in a way that every visitor can enjoy a more convenient trip. If you have to travel very far using the buses, you will not have to worry about your hungry tummy as some of them actually offer some snack to the passengers. Some buses that take you outside the main sections of the country will also give you a chance to feed your hunger as they will stop at restaurants every few hours during your long journey.

There has to be many different reasons that will bring you to this country at the next holiday season. Turkey seems to have something for everyone, so it would be best if you visit this popular holiday destination with your family or friends.

sport in istanbul

Sports Played in Istanbul

It is no doubt that Ankara is the official capital city of Turkey, the popularity of this city is way below the popularity of Istanbul. To some people, Istanbul is more likely the “actual” capital city of this country. If you take a closer look at this city, you will find that the city of Istanbul is the industrial, financial and cultural center of Turkey. For that reason, it shouldn't be too surprising to see many travelers who overlook Ankara and have a greater interest in spending their vacation in Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul is the land of many different tourist attractions and it is quite normal that you just cannot get enough of this huge city with only a single and short visit. This city is also an ideal place for you to enjoy your sporty and energetic vacation. There are many types of sports that you can try out in Istanbul. These sporty activities are more likely to make your Istanbul visit more energetic and livelier.

The city of Istanbul is the land for many types of sporty activities. Should you wonder about the most popular sports in this city, then soccer has to be placed on the top of the list. This huge city is home to a well-known soccer club and every weekend would be an ideal time for you to enjoy the football match of the premier league. If you come to this city as a tourist and have less interest in watching a soccer match, you can still have a great time with some other sporty activities. The strategic location of Istanbul allows you to have a great sailing experience. This sporty and leisure activity shouldn't be too hard to find and you can simply hire some boats to sail the water in a memorable way.

If you happen to visit this huge city in the winter, it simply opens the opportunity for you to have a great time at the ski resort in Kartalkaya. This is obviously a great spot especially for those tourists who have a great interest in the winter sports. This resort allows you to fill your vacation with skiing or snowboarding. You shouldn't hesitate yourself even if you are new to this kind of winter sport. You will see this resort as the perfect place for you to learn how to ski as a beginner. Every visitor at this resort shall be indulged with fascinating ski shows and displays that usually take place at night time.

If you do not want to get yourself wet or feel the cold weather of the winter, then you may visit the city of Istanbul for some other reasons. It is no longer a secret that Istanbul is now filled with a large number of world-class golf courses. The city of Istanbul offers you a great golfing experience like no other. You are most welcome to play your golf game in a number of different golf courses. It would be more enjoyable if your visit this country with your colleagues or friends.

History and Culture of Turkey

The History and Culture of Turkey

Turkey has become a very popular tourist destination in the industry of traveling. This country is home to an array of fascinating tourist sites and millions of visitors find this place a great spot to spend their vacation every year. The stunning tourist sites are not only thing that makes Turkey very special, the history and the culture of this nation would be something that worth finding out. Should you look for a better way to enjoy every tourist site in Turkey, you might read some books about the history and the culture of this country. The internet can be a great source should you wish for a more convenient and modern way to learn about those two aspects.

Turkey is a wonderful country and the beauty of this nation has been a great magnet to many different civilizations over the last centuries. The location of Turkey is nicely surrounded by three different seas. It is a very strategic position that promises every visitor with great traveling experience. It can be a great place for you to try out some adventurous pursuits. There are many different historical sites in every corner of the country and the travelers with a great interest in historic events will find their heaven here.

The stunning sites will help them discover the interesting past. If you happen to be a history lover, you must have heard about the Ottoman Empire. This Turkish ruler had won a number of great battles that impacted on the shape of the world as we see today. The great empire also had a great influence on the development of the modern civilizations. This land had also witnessed a great war in the world known as the Trojan War. In this particular war, Achilles had to see himself well triumphed by Alexander the Great.

Turkey is a nation filled with a great diversity within and the unique and quality features of this country have made it even more special destination for many travelers. The great culture and civilizations ever existed in the country are well represented by the ancient monuments. You can also spend sometime in the national museums should you wish to find more interesting facts about the culture as well as the great history about Turkey. This place is also seen as a great melting pot in our modern civilization. Many different cultures found their ways to blend in and have become an integral of the identity of the nation. A simple and obvious example would be to find a number of different languages used widely by the people of Turkey. Turkish is their official language and you will find some people in this country who actually communicate in Greek or Arabic in their daily life.

There are many different interesting tourist sites that you can visit to discover the history and culture of Turkey like the Galaya Tower, the Hagja Sophia Mosque or the Blue Mosque. Since Turkey seems like a great place with many types of tourist attractions, your Turkish vacation will be much more memorable if you come with your family.

Night Life in istanbul

Night Life in Istanbul

Ankara is the actual capital city of Turkey. However, for many different reasons, the popularity of Istanbul is far higher than the capital city. Istanbul is known as the largest city in the country and it is obviously home to a wide variety of interesting tourist attractions. Whatever personal interest that you have in mind, you shall find perfect places in the city of Istanbul where you can spend most of your vacation. Not only that the city of Istanbul is very famous for its historical structures and prominent mosques, the night life in Istanbul has also become a major attraction of this popular destination.

Visiting Istanbul in Turkey can be a great alternative to those expensive tourist destinations. You can enjoy a number of different sites in this huge city and keep your budget safe at the same time. Spending your vacation in Istanbul is more likely to give you a new perspective on enjoying your holiday. You will soon realize that a huge budget plan will not determine the quality of your vacation, it is the approach that you take that will set the bar for a pleasant vacation. In other words, your low budget should never keep you away from exploring the outstanding night life in this huge city.

Istanbul may not the capital city of Turkey, but it is clearly the heart of the country. Every visitor will be provided with many different tourist attractions including the enjoyable night life experience. A visit to the city of Istanbul will not be a complete one unless you can figure out to make your every night at Istanbul memorable. This city is actually home to a number of different night clubs. These places would be a great spot for you to hunt as the sun goes down in Istanbul. If you happen to be visiting the area of Siraselviler Caddesi, make sure that you pay a night visit to a night club named Roxy. Sadly, this decent night club is not operating in weekdays. The weekends would be the right time for you to spend your night at this famous night club.

Apparently, there are many other great places in Istanbul that only start beating their hearts right after the sun goes down. It should be very interesting to visit every night club in Istanbul considering that every nightlife center has their own unique night time activities. Taxim would be another night club is Istanbul that has been very famous to many Turkish nigh life fans and enthusiasts. More importantly, having a great party in this popular night club will not drain your money.

If you happen to visit the city of Istanbul in the weekends, it would be a great idea if you visit the Exen Dance Club. This night club is a great place for you to rock and enjoy your night until you drop. Club Academia would be another good candidate for your memorable night life experience. However, do not expect to have loud thumping beats of house music in this place as this cafe offer something slightly different to their customers.