Choosing the best destination for holiday is not that easy because you should choose the best place that makes an unforgettable moment for you. As you know that the most popular destination for holiday is Europe because there are many wonderful countries with amazing things. But, if you want to see a wonderful city with ancient look, then you should visit Meknes in Morocco. Definitely, this city is really incredible and it has many things that you have not ever seen before. However, if you want to know more about this city, let’s find out together.

Morocco is a country placed in Africa and this wonderful country still keeps the old culture. Actually, there are many beautiful cities in Morocco, but Meknes is the most wonderful city you should choose. When you are walking around in this city, then you will see many wonderful buildings with great architecture. Many buildings in this city is a combination between Europe and Asia architecture. The atmosphere around the city is really unique because it is free of pollution. Besides, you can still see many donkeys across the road with big bags on their back.

Furthermore, there are many amazing places you can go when you are in Meknes. The first place that you can go is Bab Mansour. In this place, you will see a great gate with incredible design. It takes five years to construct the gate and it is combined with wonderful mosaic design. Another place that you should visit is Hedim Plate. This place is located in front of Bab Mansour and it is the best place for you to enjoy the time because there are many cafes, street artists, and many more. Then, if you want to see a unique place, it means you should go to Heri es Souani.

This place is typically with great pillar made of great stone and it has a big hallway with incredible design. Anyway, this building is surrounded by incredible fortress so that it has a wonderful look all the time. If you are interested in visiting a cemetery of the great Morocco king, then Dareh Moulay Ismail is the best place you should go. Dareh means cemetery while Moulay Ismail is the name of the great king in Meknes. This cemetery has the best treatment and every visitor is not allowed to come closer by the grave.

As a Muslim country, this country has many wonderful mosques. In Meknes, there are two incredible mosques you can visit, those are Adam Mosque and Madina Mosque. Those mosques are really great and the architecture is combined with amazing look. Anyway, there are many wonderful places you can go, and just make the plans and create your destination. FYI, you can go around by taxi that you can find around the city easily. In addition, you should prepare the sunblock because Morocco is typically with desert climate. So, if you are confused to choose the best destination for holiday, just visit Meknes in Morocco and visit those wonderful places above.

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