There are so many interesting sites you can visit in Morocco that you might find it quite challenging when it comes to choosing the right destination. Casablanca has to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. However, visiting this great city during the holiday season might force you to encounter tourist traps and crowded situations. You certainly need a great alternative to those famous tourist sites and Agadir could be an ideal choice especially when your dream to visit an interesting location filled with an array of exciting tourist attractions.

When the summer season is just around the corner, you must fill your mind with a number of different destinations to visit. If you are still clueless about the best place to visit this holiday season, choosing Agadir might save you plenty of time. Not only that this Moroccan city is home to beautiful beaches that can be a great spot for you to relax and rest your mind for a while, the city of Agadir is also now home to great hotels that provide top class accommodation for every visitor. A single day in Agadir is far from being sufficient to help you discover the best side of Agadir. You certainly need to stay for at least a week to reveal the most attractive sites in the city. Therefore, make sure that you come up with an excellent hotel to make your entire vacation more comfortable.

Many travelers are more interested in staying in hotels or Moroccan villas near the beach location. They love the idea to reach the beach more easily to have a great time on the shoreline. However, you should never let the relaxing situation at the beach keeps you from exploring the great tourist sites in the surrounding area. Here are what you need to do while you are spending some time in Agadir and end up having a great summer vacation.

The city of Agadir features great coastline in the surrounding area. If you are a huge fan or enthusiast of surfing activity, the Agadir waves represent great challenges for you. In fact, a number of eminent surfing figures like Shaun Cansdell and Taj Burrows found the coastline of Agadir very amusing. It would be a perfect location for surfers especially when you visit this place in summer season. The small waves create a perfect condition for many surfers. More interestingly, some hotels in Agadir actually offer you some surfing facilities. Thus, a hotel selection would be necessary to enhance your surfing experience. The Agadir bay has turned out to be a delightful location for a beach holiday. With plenty of sunlight, you can soak up the sun while doing your favorite activities. If you like to experience a more challenging leisure activity, you can try out some jet-ski or dune buggies. Other than that, horse riding can be another great option to enjoy the location.

If you happen to bring your entire family to Agadir, then make sure that you have the Valley of the Birds in your schedule. This tourist site is better known as the Vallee des Oiseaux. You can find plenty of interesting animals in this city zoo. Not only that you can see a large number of exotic birds in person, there are also many other interesting animals like llamas. This exotic zoo can be a nice tourist site in Agadir especially when you come to this place with a low budget. The tickets for yourself and your kids will not drain your pocket for sure. If you like to have a nice dish, you can simply head to the New Talbourjt restaurant. Dining in this restaurant is very friendly to your budget.