Ouarzazate is a small and quiet town in Morocco. The main activities in the city are in the main street called Avenue Muhammed V. This town is basically the largest town in Moroccan Sahara, the part of the Morocco along  the Sahara desert. Even though the location of the Ouarzazate is in the desert, it doesn’t mean that this town has no interesting places to visit. It’s actually has many attractive places to visit such as cinema studios, markets, river banks, Kasbah, museums, and, old districts of Taourirt and Tassoumate. This article will be talking about the general information of some of those interesting place.

Now, let’s start the virtual tour in Ouarzazate from the Taourirt Kasbah Museum. The building of this Kasbah is such a huge building with the “typical of desert building” architecture. The building is showing the real ancient of the south Moroccan Kasbah architecture. The location of the Taourirst Kasbah Museum is in the middle of the city, so it’s easy to find this place. You can easily ask the locals about this place. You will find many interesting designs inside the building too. You need to bring your camera if you go to this place. It’s because there are many great spots with an amazing view that should be captured in camera.

The second place in Ouarzazate that we should visit is the Sunday market. We can know by the name that this market is only open in Sunday. This market is the typical of local market that sells many vegetables and the goods that needed at home. This market is an open market so you will not find any shops or something like that. You’ll only found people with their goods to sell lay on the carpet or plastics. You can see the interaction of Moroccans in this market. You can also find the local goods or the local handcraft and you can buy some for the souvenir.

The third place in Ouarzazate that you should visit is called Tassoumaat Old Medina. This is a unique place near the river bank. This place is like an inhabitant village with many mud brick house that will give you an amazing view of the local houses and buildings. You can still found some children that are actually playing around, some of the women are baking bread inside the houses, many sheep’s in the land around the village, and many more. People who live in that place are usually Berber people. You can go to visit them and they’ll warmly welcome you and showing you about the life of the people in that place.

The last place in Ouarzazate that we’ll talk about is called Atlas Cinema Studios. This place is a huge studio that will let you see many giant film sets that are popular in Morocco such as Mary Magdalene, Kundun, Gladiator, and many more. The buildings of the studios are still in the accent of desert houses but with modern design and furniture. You can enjoy your time and trip in this place too.

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