When we talk about Italy, Pizza and soccer must firstly come across our mind instantly. However, this European country actually still has so many things to discover including its magnificent tourist destinations. Everyone must come up with their own style and reason when it comes to visiting a tourist destination. If you like to plan a romantic vacation with your most loved one, then you should prioritize Italy as your main destination. This country is home to a number of great places that offer a very romantic experience and Venice simply sits on the top of the list. A visit to this romantic city will help you sail to the past and embrace yourself for the timeless atmosphere. The authority of this city has done a great job in preserving the historical structures and other Venetian properties. If you walk down the narrow streets in this city, you will find plenty of bridges across the water. There are only a few cars and trucks allowed on the street and that smart policy has made Venice a more interesting place for many travelers.

The History of Venice

The location of Venice was founded by the mainland people who were trying to save their lives as the Roman Empire gave up its throne in the 5th century. Their initial purpose was only to survive here. As years went by, the survivors managed to turn these small pieces of land surrounded by water into a real town for them to go on with their lives. That has marked the first settlements in this special and unique place later known as Venezia or Venice. As a result, there is no way that you can find any town or city on the planet that looks like this romantic site. Gondolas have to be one of the most popular symbols that simply lead you to Venice. This ancient Venetian boat involved a number of complex techniques in the making process. Usually, a gondola has 11 meter length and weighs about 600 kilograms. The dimension of the traditional boat makes it very easy for us to operate.

Places to Visit in Venice

This city is home to an array of beautiful and romantic sites and a single visit or day will not be sufficient to discover all of them. If you manage to visit the romantic city of Venice, make sure that you do not miss out visiting St. Mark’s Square. This is a must-visited site as it is truly the heart of the city. Being situated on the banks of the Grand Canal, the famous square is a perfect spot for you to start exploring a number of beautiful and historical monuments of the city. It has become a very important site in Venice both politically and culturally.

There are many other romantic sites in Venice that you need to visit such as St. Mark’s Basilica, The Bridge or Sighs and The Rialto Bridge. You surely have to come to Venice with plenty of time in your schedule.

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