Tupiza is a very friendly, bustling city consisting of 25,000 individuals, however, it still keeps close connections to its traditional roots.

Meet Tupiza – Essential Information

The pace of stuff in this tranquil place seems a few beats lesser than the other Bolivian cities, which makes this a fantastic place to enjoy and relax for a few days, trundling off in the back road to the famous Salar de Uyuni. You can go out for a thrilling rip-romping cowboy adventure the same as those Sundance and Butch Cassidy did 100 years ago.

Located in the amazing countryside of Wild West, the capital of the southern region of Chicas is cornered in Rio Tupiza Valley, which is surrounded by a rugged ambiance of eroded rainbow-colored rocks, cactus-studded slopes and rocks.

The weather in this place is mild all year round, along with most of the rain falling in the middle of November and March. On the other hand, June to August is extremely hot, clear, and dry during the day, but at night the temperature drops below freezing.

In terms of the economy, the town often depends on mining and agriculture. There is a refinery in the south, that offers employment, and at the same time, the only antimony of the town runs sporadically.

Highlights – Places to Visit and Things to Do

Where to Stay

Tupiza is very simple to navigate with the most stuff to see and to do in a six-block. Your main focal point would be the main market in the heart of the town.

Places to See

Things to see in this wonderful place include Plaza de la Madre, Iglesia Matriz, Plaza Obelisco, Plaza El Castillin, and Plaza A. Dominquez. The main plaza along with a water fountain in the center is 2 blocks away from the market and is known as Plaza Principal.

Horseback riding through the canyons in the Cordillero de los Chicas is one of the highlights of the town if you want to visit Tupiza. The tours would range around 3 hours to multi-day trips to the pristine desert landscape. Apart from that, all horses are trained and are healthy yet have different temperaments.

Lots of travelers around the globe choose Tupiza as their jump-off point for 4-day tours of the Salar de Uyuni. The majority consensus is that the vehicle used from this town is much safer, and at the same time the tour is less touristy.

To sum up, Tupiza is a lovely place bustling with a city of around 25,000 people, however, it still keeps close connections to its original roots. The majority of the women here still wear their traditional colors and dresses, and every person chews cocoa leaves. The town was very safe throughout the day time and it is very easy for you to find your own way around town. Thus, if you are only looking for a place where you can find indigenous roots and lots of horses, there is only one name you can count on, and that is going to this wonderful place – Tupiza, Bolivia.